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  1. n_stavr

    The Lightning Dock

    Yes you are right, in description says that is for 4 and previous. But there is stands for 5 where you can pass the cable throug the hole: I like this kind as its unique and something different.
  2. n_stavr

    Find My iPhone not working

    Thnx Docd, i'll try and come back to confirm
  3. n_stavr

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    thnx fijiman!
  4. n_stavr

    The Lightning Dock

    I have found some very special docks here
  5. n_stavr

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

  6. n_stavr

    Find My iPhone not working

    i have set up 2 devices, i see both in the mobile me app but the second can't be located. I have done the same configurationmin both but nothing. Any advises?
  7. n_stavr

    10 iPhone Apps

    thnx, many of them are not so useful
  8. n_stavr

    Classic Map App

    waiting for creare the app
  9. n_stavr

    Maps Issue

    why they stop integrade google maps? nothing could be better
  10. n_stavr

    What's a fair price to sell my iPhone 4?

    go for 300$ if you have no scratches in the Apple
  11. n_stavr

    Which is the best case?

    lifeproof is the best case...
  12. n_stavr

    Lifeproof case

    i would like to buy this case...only for keep my iPhone safe during activities