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  1. nealh

    Is the T-Mobile iPhone 6 same as the AT&T iPhone 6?

    I'm a novice understanding this issue. They are both GSM but are they same exact hardware?
  2. nealh

    JB and iPad Mini

    Now the first thing I think of with new iOS devices is JB. Since the Mini will have an A5 processor, I am wondering how fast it can be JB. Correct me if I am wrong but there is a tethered JB out for A5 processor and iOS6 already?
  3. nealh

    iPhone 5 bevel

    Is there anything we can apply tithe bevel to reduce scuffs and scratches?
  4. nealh

    Hmm... Wider screen on iPhone 5

    The taller screen is ok; but even more with new screen height it needed to be wider to improve viewing. Bummer, Apple made a mistake, IMHO. I will admit it does feel nice in your hand even with a bumper. I have small hand but I would sacrifice for a wider screen with a nicer viewing...
  5. nealh

    What the best format for playing a video on iPad 2?

    I am having a hard time determining which ipad2 format is considered HD? I converted a video to mp4 with h.264 version which is 720p which more pixelated than the "plain" mp4 format? Which format provides the best quality?
  6. nealh

    is there a way to perform BT pair on iPhone 4 w/ 4.1 firmware and iPad 2?

    I tried to perform a BT pairing between my iPad2(4.3) and iPhone4 on 4.1 JB. The phone says the iPad is not supported. Is there a way to do the pairing via BT. I love my 4.1 JB and really don't want to go to 4.3 until an untethered JB is out.
  7. nealh

    Smart Cover? Worth it?

    I am trying to decide on a case. The smart cover looks nice but does it work well? Does it securely support the iPad 2 in landscape mode and slightly elevated position for typing. I'm sure the opening/ closing feature of on/off work fine. But does the magnetic clips work so that the "stand"...
  8. nealh

    Wi-Fi Sync...I have to vent

    This program sounds great but at least on the Windows 7 64 bit platform it blows chunks. Forget getting email support from Greg Hughes...worthless. My usb syncing is so slow and it constantly tries to reinstall all my apps. Backup ability is gone period, whether I uncheck Disable backup...
  9. nealh

    Is there a way to make a donation for Jailbreakme..

    The website no longer has a donate button? So is there a way to make a donation for my thanks?
  10. nealh

    iPhoneDisk free. Not sure if you saw this. Same place where you get the freeware: iP

    Looks like a nice app for JB. iPhoneDisk is free and the serial is on the website Same place where you get the freeware: iPhoneExplorer Enjoy
  11. nealh

    Why would my phone access internet in at 2:00am and use 5-15mg of data

    My iPhone 4 is JB. But even before this I noticed my internet usage was much higher than my previous 2G V1 phone....over 2yrs of usage and I hit 2GB+ of data. Now I am using 700mg(I am on an unlimited plan so no biggie)....but I looked at the usage and every night at ~ 2:00 am my phone while...
  12. nealh

    Does Wi-Fi sync work on jb iPhone 4?

    I would like to get this app. Anyone using it on jb iPhone 4?
  13. nealh

    Anyone with a week 28 phone have Bluetooth issues?

    I have read the week 28 phones seem to have no camera issues. But what about BT? Thx Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  14. nealh

    Can you exchange after 30 day return period?

    I know I can't return. I think my 30 day return period ended today. But I can't stand the yellow pics, is it possible to still exchange. Thx Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  15. nealh

    Does anyone have any idea what other cases will be available?

    Any rumors? I am no fan of the bumper and depending on the cases offerred, Apple's offer maybe 100% worthless to me. I am hoping they offer cases from Seidio and SGP. Any idea if we could get a $30 giftcard if we don't like the choices? I realize I am asking something no one may have a firm...
  16. nealh

    Phone does not automatically disconnect after call ended...anyone else?

    I have noticed a very odd issue. More common on my BT..I use Jawbone ICON. I can be on a call with/without my BT headset but it seems more common on BT. I am talking to someone and the call ends and they hang-up. Only about 50% of the time will the iPhone 4 end the call and completely. The...
  17. nealh

    Looking for a good a voice dialing app that works with Bluetooth and iPhone 4

    I have a Plantronics 925 BT headset. I want to use voice dialing by just clicking the headset, not having to hold the home button to activate it on the iPhone4. Are there any apps or methods to do this? Thanks
  18. nealh

    Does the iPhone 2G dock work safely with iPhone 4?

    I thought I read the 2G dock fits the iPhone4, but does it work safely with it? Are there any voltage/amp changes that would effect the iPhone4? Thanks
  19. nealh

    How long should we charge the new phone to optimize the battery?

    I just got a new iPhone and wanted to find out about optimization of the battery. How long are you charging your iPhone initially? Any ideas or benefit from this sort of optimization?
  20. nealh

    IS: can you buy online and have a mall kiosk install it?

    I have an IS shipped and in route. I wonder if I pay will the mall kiosk install it? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app