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  1. Breadbag

    iPhone 6 Plus Cases Discussion

    Is any of them shipping now for the Plus? Besides what's on Apple's site? Even what I saw on eBay was late October or so. I want the Otterbox also, but says will email when ready. Thanks
  2. Breadbag

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Same here. App worked good for me about 30mins ago. Website never would & still doesn't. Got the same in 64GB.
  3. Breadbag

    Enter to win a $25 iTunes Gift Card from everythingiCafe

    I'm in! Sent using iCafe app
  4. Breadbag

    Do I need an Apple TV?

    I agree completely! Air Video's live conversion I use almost everyday to play movies & TV shows off my hard drive connected to the pc. I saw no need to upgrade to 3 either. I hope they do more & add more content in the future. Sent using iCafe app
  5. Breadbag

    Ridiculous Fishing Giveaway

    The Game sounds cool...Great contest! Sent using iCafe app
  6. Breadbag

    Will you buy an iWatch

    I would if the price was right. It could come in handy when I needed something like that. When working or Working out. I don't usually wear one these days but it could bridge a small gap for I like junk like that. Sent using iCafe app
  7. Breadbag

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    MacBook Pro 13.3 retina - mine as of this week. iPhone 5 mine iPhone 4 wife iPhone 3GS kids iPad 4 mine iPad 2 wife iPad 2 kids iPod nano - mine iPod touch kid Apple TV Same here Apple family, but we have our share of PC's (2)...and one just died. Sent using iCafe app
  8. Breadbag

    Win iTunes Gift Cards from everythingiCafe

    Very cool! Sent using iCafe app
  9. Breadbag

    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    I've been using slice to track all my Xmas gifts I've ordered...and my mini that arrived yesterday! Great little app for all items in one place...without much effort.
  10. Breadbag

    App Store kinda shaky

    This may have been covered, but I've noticed tonight doing a few searches in App Store it's kinda shaky when moving up or down through the searches. I guess the last update fixed the lines but I'm doing this on a iPad 4th gen. Still acts strange. I'm not crazy about the blue highlight when...
  11. Breadbag

    AppleTV - is it for me?

    Completely. I have both also. I feel the menu is laid out better and more responsive when I play or add something, but air video one of the best reasons to get it...for me anyway.
  12. Breadbag

    Followup to My Nexus 7 Purchase

    yes I liked the screen, size, & feel but it seemed sluggish at times. I really wanted to like it more, but I didn't. I had some email issues also.
  13. Breadbag

    Followup to My Nexus 7 Purchase

    I felt the same way...more than anything I wanted to learn the OS. BUT I sold it on eBay last week in a quick one day auction to go toward the mini.
  14. Breadbag

    How to get in Purchased Apps

    I get this to work 1 out of 30 times trying to get into it...on every device I have. Must be a bug at times?
  15. Breadbag


    Just sold my iPad 3 64GB on eBay along with my google nexus 7 I'm ordering a white mini 16 and a black iPad 4 32 now!
  16. Breadbag

    If you own an iPad, will you get an iPad mini?

    I did this for that reason. I enjoyed learning the os, but I never take it out of the case now. The iPad 3 I have is perfect size for viewing websites. The nexus just a little to small for my eyes. When I take a trip I take the iPad with me. I thought I would take the 7 being smaller and easy to...
  17. Breadbag

    Weird thing on 5 just happened.

    And was when putting in the password.
  18. Breadbag

    Weird thing on 5 just happened.

    Thanks for that. I really didn't want to send off again. It's only happened that once. Good info.
  19. Breadbag

    Weird thing on 5 just happened.

    Nah nothing close. It hasn't happened again, but ill make the call anyway. I guess the touch screen could be bad or something of the sort.
  20. Breadbag

    Weird thing on 5 just happened.

    I got my replacement iPhone 5 last week. The first issue was it had bad antenna. This one has been great, but just a few mins ago I went to App Store to get something I bought earlier on the iPad...anyway when I hit the download icon this strange static started up for about 6 a...