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  1. jfleming01

    ipad pro 2 date?

    went to get a 12.9 for work the other day but Applke Store was out of stock, said there may be a new one coming out. Is March still a possibility? If so I'll just wait. Also, what is the best keyboard to get- It'll basically be a smaller substitute for my laptop
  2. jfleming01

    outlook app won't connect to exchange

    been using it for months with no problem, last night a box popped up that said we are having trouble accessing your account, please log in again. When I do it comes up, says its updating, then says its connecting and then that same box pops up again. It won't even let me go to the other account...
  3. jfleming01

    not sure about color choice

    Had to switch out a phone so I went ahead and got the 5s. Wanted black/Gray, all they had was white or gold (I was at an out of town store about an hour away and needed to switch out my old phone for my daughter) so I took white. It's growing on me a little but if I wanted to go for the black at...
  4. jfleming01

    Major iPhone 5 issues

    My college freshman daughter dropped her 5 (refurb still under warranty) and cracked the screen. I got an icracked tech to switch out the screen for $149. A few weeks later, her phone went black. The tech said it was dead and would not even get recognized by her computer. He tried switching out...
  5. jfleming01

    got free replacement phone, not sure why

    My daughter's ip5 has been having issues with wifi (on/off button greyed out) and with Bluetooth, so we took it into the genius bar. After diagnostics the guy said it was a hardware problem and gave her a replacement- free.Her phone had been purchased in sept 12 so I was not thinking it was...
  6. jfleming01

    Horrible cell signal in my house. Solutions?

    Love my iPhone5, but ATT's signal isn't reliable when I'm in my home, so I have to go out on the porch to talk. Wifi is fine, and there is a bar or two, but it's a pain. Switching to Verizon is not an option in the foreseeable future. ATT is fine with me other than this. Anybody have any ideas...
  7. jfleming01

    MacBook Pro what is return policy for MBP?

    Just bought a 13" for my daughter who will be going to college. As usual (this began with my first ipod mini) Apple has come out with a better, cheaper model right after I bought something. If I return the one she just bought is there a restocking fee? Is it worth the trouble for a couple of...
  8. jfleming01

    MacBook MB Air or Pro for college?

    Daughter is heading off to school in the Fall. She's worked hard, so she's getting a Mac Book. She'll likely major in English so I don't think she'll need things like video editing etc. Kind of leaning towards the Pro, because I think there is a possibility she'll need a disc drive. Any thoughts?
  9. jfleming01

    Battery life now worse than ever

    I've read through some of the older threads but still at a loss. Standby and usage virtually the same. ip5 will go from 100% to 0 in a few hours and is always warm. Location arrow not showing, and I turned off most of my notifications. This got a lot worse in the last few days, any thing else I...
  10. jfleming01

    looking for info on a couple of sellers on amazon

    My daughter ordered a kate spade case from vivicase and a lifeproof (supposedly) through Apo's and I returned them. I've emailed them through Amazon but have not heard back nor gotten a refund. Anyone know a place where I can find a phone number for these guys? Thanks
  11. jfleming01

    Shared Data from AT&T- will you save?

    I'm paying about $210/ mo for my family: me- iPhone 4 unlimited data (rarely use more than 2g) wife- dumb phone (10 mo data usage) daughter ip4s 3 gb son dumb phone unlimited text/700 minutes (never come close to using these) the way I calculate it, the new shared data plan 4gbwould be the same. If...
  12. jfleming01

    Email frozen on iPhone 4

    when I click on the mail icon I get a blank screen with status bar at the top and refresh icon in bottom left and compose icon in bottom right. Reverts to board after a few seconds. Tried going into photos and emailing from there but nothing happens. Settings look normal, all the accounts...
  13. jfleming01

    Temporary tethering on vacation

    Headed out next week to visit colleges with my daughter, son and wife, we'll be in the car a lot so I'd like to tether a couple of ipads off of my iPhone 4. If I sign up for tethering with ATT will I lose my grandfathered unlimited plan? Can I discontinue it when I'm back or is there a set time...
  14. jfleming01

    Does the center of the iPad feel hollow

    Playing golf I sometimes hit the screen with my fingernail and it feels more hollow than the edges of the screen when I hit it. Anybody else notice this?
  15. jfleming01

    Getting texts on my iPad

    I have an iPad and would like to know, how do I forward texts from my phone to my iPad? Is there an app and can I reply to texts?
  16. jfleming01

    best business ideas from Jobs bio

    Just finished it. Fascinating life. Lots of great businesss insights in there. Here's my favorite: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it" Also, unless I missed it, never saw the word jailbreak appear in there. Thought that was odd given the amount of time given to the whole...
  17. jfleming01

    iPad 3 pricing theories

    anyone have a guess on how the pricing will shape up for ipad 3 (and ipad 2 when 3 comes out?) I'm planning on getting an ipad, figure I'll wait for the launch.
  18. jfleming01

    display temporarily larger than screen

    weird issue last night. Damp night, but phone did not get wet, was in my pocket. Turned it on when I got home to check battery level and it wasn't showing at the top. Realized slide bar at the bottom was partially obscured, if I moved my finger over screen the image shifted, even kind of...
  19. jfleming01

    What's the best free turn by turn GPS app?

    I am looking for recommendations on the best free GPS navigation app that offers turn-by-turn directions. Any recommendations?
  20. jfleming01

    hardly any sound out of left built in speaker

    iPhone 4, got it in Dec, jb greenp. sounds out of phone had always sounded fine, but I just noticed that if I cover up the right speaker on the bottom I can barely hear it, this applies to phone ring and ipod songs. Plugged computer speakers into headphone jack and I get sound out of both. Tried...