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  1. hydro94530

    Keyboard lag issue with iPhone 5pr iOS 6

    Hi all, in some of my apps (non-game apps for some reason) including this one, I often have to press certain keys (caps lock key, number key, space bar etc.) 3-4 times before it responds. It's only certain apps so I'm not sure what's going. Anyone experience this?
  2. hydro94530

    Question about the belkin case review Chris just posted on the Home page?

    This might be a dumb question, but how are you able to have just one folder on the menu bar and nothing above on the screen? I could of swore I tried this and if you have nothing on the actual screen, it just makes the next screen to the left your home screen. Is it because you have more than 4...
  3. hydro94530

    FYI about accessories and Apple stores

    Talked to the SF store today and they said that for Thursday and Friday, if you want to come in just for accessories you'll still have to wait in the iPhone 4 line even though you're not buying a phone :(
  4. hydro94530

    For those who's order went through on

    How long were you waiting on the whole "please wait while we check your AT&T account information" before it went through? That's where I seem to get stuck. It never times out on me it just sits there. Sorry if this was asked, I've been refreshing on Apple's crappy site all day and didn't have...
  5. hydro94530

    Might be time for me to go.

    I'm keeping my 3GS for the time being, but I just bought an HTC HD2. Its pretty frickin amazing. Apple better having something truly special this June or I'll probably leave for good. No one can ever deny that they pioneered the way phones are being developed now, but they got to do more with...
  6. hydro94530

    Please! Nedd help with Contacts!

    Hi all. So some how all my contacts in Outlook got erased and are now only on my iPhone. I need to restore my iPhone to factory settings, thus they'll all be erased there too and I'll lose them forever. Question is, how can get my contacts back into Outlook before I restore? I'm dying here for...
  7. hydro94530

    Quick question for developers using beta OS

    Can you downgrade to an earlier OS if you upgrade to the latest?
  8. hydro94530

    Does anyone know if SNES works with jail borken 3GS's?

    I could live without Tricker3g if for now if SNES worked. I have heard it doesn't yet but want to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  9. hydro94530

    iPhone 3G / 3GS Signature Leather Case by Case Mate

    I couldn't find any recent topics on this but i was curious about peoples thoughts on this case/holster. I need one with a belt clip as I always have my phone on the inside of my front pocket. This one seems real nice with the case and holster combo but any opinions would be great. Thanks in...
  10. hydro94530

    Any jail breaks for 3G S yet?

    Did a search here and didn't find anything and redsn0w for sure doesn't work. I miss my slingplayer on 3G :( Anyone heard any news?
  11. hydro94530

    Item Shipped! :-)

    Well guys my 3G S shipped out this morning. They also charged me for overnight shipping. The tracking number isn't registering yet but as soon as it does I'll reply back with the estimated delivery date. YAY! Check your orders people! :-)
  12. hydro94530

    Not sure if this means anything but...

    I checked my 3GS pre-order today on and it now says "Prepared for shipment" up top in the blue header bar for the order instead of "Not yet shipped" or whatever the previous message said. This means good things I think :)
  13. hydro94530

    Apps not working. Please help!

    So right now I can receive and read email, but I can't reply to any of it. Also none of my installed apps work. They just open for about 2 seconds and then close back to the home screen. I tried turnng the phone off and even doing a hard reset and nothing. Only thing I haven't done is sync to...
  14. hydro94530

    Interesting issue with my 3G

    So I've been working graveyard at work recently so my phone doesn't charge overnight. For some reason now, when my phone gets to about 20% or less on the battery, I get the "no SIM card" warning message and I have to pop out the sim card, and pop it back in. Is this normal or has this happened...
  15. hydro94530

    I know this is old news but...

    I thought it was really cool how you can easily delete apps from your phone by pressing holding down any one of the icons to get them to start wiggling. I thought the only way was by synching like with pics, so this is great!
  16. hydro94530

    Man alive this battery is terrible!

    I know I'm not the first to complain, but man, I leave the house at 7 am fully charged, and two thirds of it is gone by noon. I know my problem is having 3G and Bluetooth on constantly, so I guess there's no getting around it. Problem is, is I need both on for my car and my work email during the...
  17. hydro94530

    No luck at the Apple Store in San Francisco

    Went by there around 9 am and the line was around the block. Went back at 1 pm and it's still the same. Anyone in the Bay Area have any luck that didn't camp? Might have to do the usual Saturday morning run. Worked like a charm last year.
  18. hydro94530

    "Remote" app question, can't get it working

    Hi all. So I installed it and transfered it over to iTunes, but then what? Where in iTunes do I enter the passcode? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I can't seem to get it working. Tried double clicking on the Remote icon in iTunes, and nothing. Thanks in advance
  19. hydro94530

    Sorry if old news, but... IGN usually posts legit stuff, but you never know. This one looks different than the Gizmondo pic at least as far as the top speaker size and the fact that this case is possibly covering what might have been the second camera, although it could be...
  20. hydro94530

    Does anyone know if this cable works with iPhone in your car's AUX hook up? Has anyoen tried this? Seems like it should but I know certain cables made for iPod and MP3 players don't seem to work. Thanks in advance.