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    iPhone Parody Ad "That's Technology"

    This is a pretty funny video that makes fun of all of us early adopters. It's called the iPhone price drop parody. Watch and enjoy. You'll get a good laugh. the new iPhone parody Ad on YouTube
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    I got off the phone with Amex today who said they would process my claim and I would hear from them within 2 weeks regarding the credit for the iPhone. Alot of people in here say they were told they would get their money within 24hours, a far cry from the 2weeks I was told and was even told they...
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    iPhone taking almost 5mins to Sync!

    AFter updating to the latest version of iTunes yesterday, I noticed that syncing the iPhone takes FOREVER (almost 5mins). The funny thing is I have no changes to Sync but yet it takes this long. Is anyone else having this issue with the 7.4 iTunes?
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    Amex will credit the $200 difference for iPhone!

    For those that bought the iPhone within the last 60 days, you can call Amex to get the "Best Price Guarantee" which states that if you buy a product and 60days after you find it cheaper, they will credit you the difference. It pays to use American Express...
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    Connecting iPhone to car music player

    HEllo All, I was in a car and noticed that there was an iPod connected to the power jack but also noticed it was playing through the car's music system. The Mercedes didn't have a iPod connector or anything, it must have been submitting it wirelessly. Does anyone know if this can be done...
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    Wow, I can't believe Apple would release such a POS headset. Either my headset is defective or they just suck in general. It's quite obviouse Apple did not put the headset in QA before releasing it becuse than they would have known how bad the quaility and distance are. I get very choppy...
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    Apple Bluetooth issues

    Hello, I just picked up the Apple Bluetooth headset today and after using it a little, I noticed that the sound tends to break up or garable a little. The phone is close by so I don't know if it's just the quaility of the headset. While it fits and looks fantastic, I'm all about quaility of...
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    Apple Getting Sued over keyboard

    Did you guys hear that Apple is getting sued for patent infrigiement for the iPhone keyboard. Story below: I hope this gets thrown out. I don't see how anyone got granted a touchscreen keyboard patent.
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    Email taking LOOONG to send NOW.

    HEllo, I updated to the new version and I noticed that when sending email it takes almost 50-60 seconds to send. It just sits there saying "sending" on the bottom than it sends right away afterwards. It wasn't doing this before the update. This happens both on Edge and wi-fi Getting email...
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    AT&T only activated 142,000 iPhones the last 2 days of June

    Investors were estimating 500k iPhones sold over weekend. Huge drop in numbers. Got this from Ameritrade real-time news wire. MIght not look good for AAPL stock. Considering cashing out maybee. AAPL is trading -2.99 now in pre-trading as of 6.40AM CST AAPL is trading -3.70 6.46AM CST
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    How many iPhones sold so far?

    Does anyone have a good estimate of how many iPhones are sold so far? Also, when will Apple release it's numbers on sales?
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    iPhone Insurance plans

    Hello All, I have my lovely iPhone but after switching I don't' recall ever setting up any of the insurance plans.. With my Nextel service, I had 2 insurance plans that they charged me monthly for lost/stolen and use damage to the phone. The charge was around $$4.95 /mo. God forbid I loose...
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    Exchange Server issues here

    Ok, I configured my iPhone to connect to my Exchange mail server. It downloads all my items from my inbox that was on the exchange server. Great, BUT. 1. I cannot see any of my sub-folders that I have, for example, it won't show my sent items, and deleted along iwth the rest of the 50+...
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    iPhone crashed on me!

    Well, Looks like the iPhone is really all software. I was in the music album viewer and all a sudden the screen just turns black while browisng, I click HOME and all a sudden you can see all the text but all the images are missing. I had than clicked the sleep button on the top, than click...
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    Chicago - Activiating iPhone

    I picked up the iPhone at the ATT store and connected, setup and got 2 emails. The First stating my porting would be done July 1st at xPM and the second email said: AT&T is now processing your activation. You will receive an email confirmation once your activation is complete. Does anyone...
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    AT&T service - Business account.

    Hello all, Since most have got the iPhone, as anyone been able to have it setup under a businesss name & EIN account rather setup service under a peronsal name & SS#. I have my current service with Nextel and want to move but I have read that it's not aviaable to businesss accounts, which...
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    Are they taking Security Deposits for iPhones?

    Ok, I'm flustered as to why ATT wont' allow the iPhone to be put on a businesss name. Considering I got iPhone and taken it home and set it up under my personal name, after filling out all the info, what If it requires that I have to put a security deposit in order to activate service. If I...
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    Business accounts and iPhone?

    I have been really confused with the iPhone and having it on a businesss account. I'm not looking for any special corporate discounts expect for the fact that the iPhone service will be billed to my company rather than to my SS# (me). On some areas, I read its not, and some , people are saying...
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    Corporate ACcount Question

    Hello all, I have been reading up on the iPhone. I'm pretty much sold on it. I currently have a Nextel account (over 7 years) and I am obviously going to have to switch carriers. My NExtel account has about 6 phones but I plan on porting only my phone number to setup a businesss account...