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  1. saintenuel

    My phone not coming on and refuses to charge whenever battery Drains.

    This has been happening for about a year now. I always have to try prevent the phone from completely draining. Whenever this happens, I usually bring out the battery and boost it by direct charge (through the battery connectors). Some people also advocate heating up the battery/phone But...
  2. saintenuel

    Spotlight search not displaying results from my contacts

    I think this started after my upgrade to 9.0.1 I usually use spotlight search for displaying results from my address book (since we are yet to get a better quick search function). How else experiences this, and who has a workaround / solution
  3. saintenuel

    Bless an anonymous user with your older gadget!

    Be it the 3G, 3GS, or even the iPhone 5, some of us have these phones lying unused somewhere (some probably needing a lil fix) while you chill with your latest iPhone/ iPad! On the other hand, some of us wuld appreciate having such unused gadgets of yours even if its having issues... Why not...