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  1. efuseakay

    iPhone X How fast will apps be updated?

    Apparently apps not updated for the X will have large black bezels around the borders on the screen. Will we see quick adoption? I sure hope so. But I still have a few apps not even updated for 11 yet. :(
  2. efuseakay

    3rd party speakers with dock... no audio

    Ok this kinda sucks. Just realized that iOS 11 doesn't play nice with my JBL OneBeat Rumble. Docking either my iPhone or iPad, and no sound comes out of the actual speaker itself. Music continues to play through the iPhone/Pad. Only way now is with bluetooth, but the audio quality sucks that...
  3. efuseakay

    9.2.1 Released

    You guys go first!
  4. efuseakay

    9.0.1 is out.

    Go and get it! 1.83GB for my iPad Retina. iPhone will be next. *** iPhone 6 Plus update is 2.04GB So far so good.
  5. efuseakay

    Messages app - attaching photos bug

    Ok this just started now. And it's very annoying. When attaching a pic to a text, tapping on the top of the screen to scroll all the way up in an album doesn't work anymore. It just selects a pic that's behind the menu bar. Rebooted. Resprung. Force quit Messages and Photos apps. Bleh.
  6. efuseakay


    Neat little tweak. Rounds the edges of the dock. Check it out. :)
  7. efuseakay

    List of current jailbreak compatible tweaks Enjoy!
  8. efuseakay

    Does anyone have UpDog?

  9. efuseakay

    Dimming screen quickly

    Stole this from MacRumors. Neat little trick if you use your phone outside in the sun a lot. You can keep the screen dim for indoor use and triple click the home button once outside. The dimming holds even after a lock/unlock cycle.
  10. efuseakay

    Screen unresponsive when covering sensor by ear speaker

    covering up the sensor above the ear speaker at the top of the phone. Is this happening for anyone else? If I cover it with a finger, no touches register on the screen at all. My guess is the phone is thinking it's being held up to the ear so it disabled the screen. I didn't notice this on any...
  11. efuseakay

    Bend-gate: Consumer Reports chimes in

    Sounds pretty good to me. Imagine what science does, as opposed to some dude on Youtube with too much time on his hands.
  12. efuseakay

    Apple email - defective SIM card

    I've heard of this happening to others. A first for me. Apparently the SIM in my 6+ is defective and they are overnighting me a new one. I haven't had any issues though. Incoming and outgoing calls are fine. Anyone else get contacted by Apple? I'll probably leave things as is. If it ain't...
  13. efuseakay

    Any bets on what time iOS 8 will be released?

    I'm guessing sometime in the early to mid afternoon, if history is any indication. Will we have as much trouble downloading it as we did trying to order iPhones? ;)
  14. efuseakay


    Ok, this game is friggen' amazing. I love it. Anyone else gotten caught up with it? The controls seem a little silly at first, but you get the hang of them rather quickly. It's fun. Now just waiting for them to open up the other galaxies, as I've already beaten all the bosses up to this point.
  15. efuseakay

    Leaving Apple if iPhone 6 price is raised

    But if Apple goes ahead and does this, I'm going to jump ship. Honestly, I could care less for any if their excuses.
  16. efuseakay

    Auki quick reply

    Has anyone tried this yet? I've got BiteSMS currently but it's been a little frustrating with some of the bugs that have yet to be fixed. Auki looks really slick.
  17. efuseakay

    Where's the latest Winterboard?

    Cydia is only pulling up the pre-ARM64 version. Even going to Saurik's website, and clicking the link to the latest version brings me to the old version in Cydia. I must be missing something.
  18. efuseakay

    Noticed this in Safari

    Not sure if I've been out of the loop or not, but in iOS 7, you can swipe far right/far left on a page to go forward/backward. I just noticed this now. lol
  19. efuseakay

    Anyone else lose voicemail?

    Just noticed on my 5 that I updated with 7, and my 5S restored from my backup have no access to visual voicemail. I'll call both phones and they just keep ringing and ringing. Trying to go into voicemail via the phone app just dials into AT&T asking for the number I want to leave a message...
  20. efuseakay


    Just saw this on Cydia... Apple removed it from the App Store awhile ago, IIRC. It turns your iPhone/iPad into an AirPlay device. It's working good so far. Find it in the BigBoss repository. :D Once installed, run the app. and close it. Open up iTunes on your computer, and select your...