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    Can't upgrade

    I am trying to upgrade my iPhone 3G from IOS 3.0 to 4.0.1 But when i try to restore one error occurs (error 3194) and it fails to resotre.... My iPhone was jailbreaked using pwange tool.. Can someone help me to overcome this error?
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    I am screwed... while jailbreaking my phone got locked & is saying slid for emergenc

    Please help me.... I was trying to upgrade my phone from 3.1.3 to 4.1.0 with the intention of jailbreaking it I installed hacktivativation patch from Cydia by adding source before starting upgrade. But i got screwed, when upgrade got over my...
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    Multiplayer games

    Is there any games which can be played using two iPhones using blue tooth....
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    Want to jailbreak iPhone 3GS with firmware 3.1.3

    Hey i am from an iPhone from US.. its unlocked and its not jailbreaken... and its not working in India... cansomeone help me.... its firmware is 3.1.3... please tell me a simple way and effective method to Unlock and jailbreak my iPhone3GS
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    App Store not taking my Gmail id

    Whenever i download free games from appstore it ask for an email id. When i give my gmail id it says passord is incorrect ( but passord is correct) Please help.... how can register my email id with app store
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    How to play the SIM 3

    Hi friends I purchased sim 3 and started playing, but i m not able to understand how to play it properly? Actually it has only two function.... go to town or home? And how to earn money?:foot: etc etc Can anyone discribe me how play sim 3 or if anywhere i can find its video or something which...
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    wanted to upgrade to 2.1

    I have an iPhone 2g with 2.1 firmware.... wanted to upgrade it to 2.2 and jailbreak it again..... But i don't want to loose my Data, My SMS , My Contacts and my Apllications of which i don't have backup of applications... please help.... what should i do ... and also steps for upgrading and...
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    Phone gets slow...

    Sometime after using different applications.. my phone gets really slow... then i have to restart it again... is there any other way to clean phone RAM....without rebouting it?:gasp:
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    laptop formated...

    Hey friends... recently i got my laptop formateed... although i have taken my phone back through iTunes... and copied that folder... but now when i am connecting my phone through itnes and trying to add new songs ... its saying that u will lose all your current what can i do now... is...
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    No ring when SMS is received

    In my iPhone i have lots of applications and due to one of them my phone does not ring when i receive any msg and also no sound for ulock etc... please help!:embarrassed:
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    Bites SMS is now paid... is there any alternative to it

    i have Bites sms installed which allow me to forward sms... but now it is saying that urs is free period which is going to expired on some date and u need a licence version... so please help me ... and let me know if there is any other application which i can use i place of bitesms... or is...
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    Videos made with cycoder

    How to get videos made through cycoder on my PC..... its on my iPhone and i want it on my laptop:angry:
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    Can we use Apple store when my phone is jailbreaked?

    My iPhone is jailbreacked and has firmware 2.1. can i download games etc from Apple store via wifi? please reply because i am not getting good games over cydia..... or provide me good sources where i can find good application including good games:embarrassed:
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    message forwarding application in Cydia?

    I have iPhone with 2.1 with cydia and installer..... where i can find application for forwarding messages? please help also where i can find new games on cydia? do i have to add new souces? is there any way that i can install games available on different website on my iPhone?:embarrassed:
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    How to unlock iPhone using ziPhone when phone is already unlocked with Cydia

    I got a iPhone from UK unloked with cydia, but in India it is not working. Do i need to unlock it using ziPhone? Please help!:frown: