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  1. Hinezy

    iPhone as remote?

    Can anyone confirm if the iPhone and the iPod touch still works as a remote for the new Apple TV? I know it worked on previous models so I would assume it would. This would be great, especially for multiplayer games.
  2. Hinezy

    Uploading video directly to YouTube in full HD!?

    Does anyone know if it's possible? Whether it be via an app or any other way? Thanks!
  3. Hinezy

    Uploading iPhone 6 video to YouTube in full resolution?

    Does anyone know how to upload a video directly to YouTube in full resolution? I believe I had an app that could do it at one time but I can no longer find it. Sent from my iPhone 6 Plus
  4. Hinezy

    iPhone 6 Plus portrait to landscape crash!

    I've been frustrated for a few weeks with a crashing issue! At first I thought it was when playing videos but it turned out it was anytime going from portrait to landscape while in safari. A few seconds after switching it would crash out of safari and into the springboard. I was about to...
  5. Hinezy

    iPhone 6 Plus one handed use

    I just wanted to hear some other people's thoughts on the one handed use of the 6 Plus. I have average sized hands and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use one handed. When I ordered it, I accepted that it would be a two handed device and I was fine with that. I think part of...
  6. Hinezy

    Apple invite for iPad event: "It's been way too long."

    The next event has been announced Oct 16th. I'm wondering what this means? Sent from my iPhone 5
  7. Hinezy

    4.7" and 5.5" iPod Touch releasing at iPad event?

    My son isn't satisfied with his iPad and wants an iPod Touch for Christmas. I'm wondering if we're going to see its debut at the iPad event? Sent from my iPhone 5
  8. Hinezy

    Hairgate, what's next!?

    Apparently hair is getting snagged between the glass and aluminum. Anyone experience this? I'm bald so I have no worries! Sent from my iPhone 5
  9. Hinezy

    Delayed iPhone 6 deliveries screwing us on the iPhone 7 release!

    I just realized that in two years when the iPhone 7 is released, my eligibility isn't going to line up because I'm not due to get my 6 Plus until late October! Sent from my iPhone 5
  10. Hinezy

    What iPhone 6 Plus wallet cases have you tried?

    Has anyone tried any of the wallet cases? I've been thinking about picking one up as I like the idea of eliminating the need to carry two items. My major concern is that it has to be quick and easy to put the phone in and out of. I'd like to be able to take the phone out and put the wallet...
  11. Hinezy

    iPhone 6 camp out thread!

    I didn't see a thread for those of us that will be purchasing a phone in a retail location on launch day. My major concern is the limited # of iPhone 6 Plus! I'm hoping to get one on launch day! Sent from my iPhone 5
  12. Hinezy

    Pricing Speculation

    Thought I'd start a thread on pricing. We know it starts at $349 but what is the base model? Is the sport a base model or a premium? Is the smaller size cheaper than the large? Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone 5
  13. Hinezy

    Alert from Apple Store App!

    I just received an Alert from the Apple Store App stating I'm eligible for an upgrade. Once I clicked on it, it gave me the option to order the new iPhone 6 or 6 plus! It then timed out while trying to order!? Sent from my iPhone 5
  14. Hinezy

    Actual working iPhone 6 leaked!

    If it's real, here it is! Sent from my iPhone 5
  15. Hinezy

    Jony Ive Quote Switzerland is in trouble!

    Starting to get exciting! Sent from my iPhone 5
  16. Hinezy

    iPhone 4.7" and 5.5" pricing

    I'm guessing that the pricing on a subsidized iPhone 4.7" screen starting price will be $199 and the base model 5.5" will be $299. I'm also going to go out on a limb and guess that they're going to drop the 16gb model and start at 32gb. That would make the three sizes 32, 64, 128. Sent from...
  17. Hinezy

    Looks like we might be getting the iWatch at the iPhone 6 keynote! Sent from my iPhone 5
  18. Hinezy

    Beats earbuds with iPhone 6

    Anyone think we'll see a Beats branded set of earbuds with the new iPhone? It seems like the acquisition was to recent for them to pull this off but I'd imagine it's only a matter of time until it happens. Sent from my iPhone 5
  19. Hinezy

    iPhone 6 instead of 5S!

    Anyone else think that with all of the rumors that Apple has cut back orders on the iPhone 5 due to slower sales, that they may release a new design iPhone 6 instead of a 5S? Sent from my iPhone 5
  20. Hinezy

    Separate FaceTime and iMessage accounts on my devices?

    I have and iPhone and two iPads on my same Apple ID and I'd like them to have their own FaceTime and iMessage accounts. Is this possible? Any advice would be great. Sent using iCafe app