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  1. glsda

    Veterans Day

    Thanks to all of you that have served.
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    25% off iPhone cases

    Maybe someone will be interested in this.
  3. glsda

    Auto lock settings on the Mini

    On my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 under the Auto Lock settings there are several minute selections and a 'never' selection. On my iPad mini there are the minute selection but the 'never' selection in not there to select from. I use the never setting. To anyone's knowledge am I doing or not doing...
  4. glsda

    I know I am getting old but am I also lossing it?

    I haven't changed my signature in some time and went to do it today and can't find where to change it. I did a search and have gone through all the topics under my user name. Where am I missing it? Any help would be appreciated. I read some threads about doing away with signatures but didn't...
  5. glsda

    Parallels desktop of Mac versus Fusion 4 and Windows Office for Mac

    I just purchased an iMac and it is a beautiful piece of technology. That being said I have been a PC user most of my working life and that is a long time. The change is challenging, frustrating and fun. I am asking for any user experience with VMware's Fusion 4, Parallels 7 and Windows Office...
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    iMac Quicken Compatibility with Mac OS X Lion

    I did a search in the forum and nothing came up. I am considering changing from the pc XP world to an iMac. I do all my bill paying and banking on line. I also spent time with an expert at the Apple store and he could only tell me that there were problems with Quicken and lion os. I have done an...
  7. glsda

    Save me

    I updated to the latest software for my wife's iPhone 3gs on her MacBook Pro. when it synced it lost all the contacts. I have updated her software before and this did not happen. On my PC I can restore to a previous back up by going to iTunes, edit, preferences and pick the back up to restore...
  8. glsda

    Import DVDs?

    I have searched iTunes help and this forum. Am I correct in assuming that iTunes does not allow the importation of DVDs? Thanks for any assistance.
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    MacBook Pro How to remove the hard drive from a 2005 MacBook pro

    My wife just bought a new macbook pro, her old one crashed and it isn't worth fixing, $300.00. I would like to remove the hard drive from her old one so I may destroy it. I have removed them from pc laptops and started to disassemble hers but thought of asking here first. I did a search but no...
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    Where are you spending Thanksgiving.

    I am on a small farm, small by Texas standards outside of Big Spring, Texas at my sister in law's.
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    glsda Reveal

    Like others before I am hesitant to talk about myself but I will give it a shot. I have been married to the wonderful Linda for 36 years, have been a financial adviser for 35 years and have a great practice with wonderful clients. I had a duel career in the Army Reserves and served 2 years...
  12. glsda

    The aesthetics of the iPhone 4

    Well I went from the 3g to the iPhone 4 and the difference is amazing. I am glad I did. I am however disappointed in the aesthetics of the new iPhone. It looks and feels like the Honda Element compared to a Ferrari. I guess had I not been so taken by the original design I would not be so...
  13. glsda

    Music skipping during play back?

    I searched everythingicafe and this specific forum so if this has been addressed point me in the right direction. I am listening to iTunes on my computer, music I purchased directly from the store. It appears after I have synced my 3g, on several occasions one or more songs may skip, much like...
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    Vaja limited edition black case now available

    FYI for those that may be interested. I have been checking the Vaja web site daily and this case has just now come back into stock both with and without belt clip available. Expensive but worth it. I have been using the one with a belt clip for about 2 weeks. They tend to sell out very fast.