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  1. Fantomas318 ツ

    iPhone 6s Mirror iPhone to iPad

    Shalom EverythingiCafe’ers! I have tried to search around the web a bit, but haven’t really figured out how to "mirror" your screen on the iPhone to my slightly larger iPad. Got the latest iOS 14.4 on iPhone, but only iOS 9.3.5 on a slightly older iPad. Is it possible to mirror the screen...
  2. Fantomas318 ツ

    App with “special fonts.”

    Shalom iCafe’ers! I’ve got a question if there is any app that could apply some “special fonts” to pictures. Fonts like for example my attached picture: I have and use apps like PicsArts, Superimpose and Phonto. I edited that picture and made this: However the font isn’t that special. (I...
  3. Fantomas318 ツ

    Safari using iPad

    Shalom iCafe’ers! I´ve got a question regarding iPad and its web Browser. (Safari) When I run I use the Strava app. With this you can create "segments." A segment can be for exaple to chose a hill and compete for best time up. The thing is, first you´ve got to run the hill or distance you want...
  4. Fantomas318 ツ

    iPhone SE App for playing music files stored on iPhone.

    Peace iCafe'ers! I have a question if anyone knows a good app for playing MP3 files stored "offline" on the iPhone. So far I've moved the music files from computer over to Dropbox. And made them available offline. When I play them in my created "music" folder in Dropbox it works fine till the...
  5. Fantomas318 ツ

    iPhone SE Moving pictures from iPhone to PC.

    Peace iCafe'ers! I have a question about pictures. When you want to move your pictures from your iPhone to PC, so you can store them on an USB. How is best and easiest way to do? I tried connecting iPhone to comp via lightning cable, but for me it seemed like all pictures were put randomly in...
  6. Fantomas318 ツ

    App that can make "special" text

    Peace everything iCafe'ers! I have a question if anyone know an app that can make it look like the text sometimes can be before and sometimes goes behind things in pictures. Like the attached picture is showing. Thanks a lot for help with this! //God Blessed, Richard. (Eph 1:3)
  7. Fantomas318 ツ

    App Store notification

    Peace iCafe'ers! I have a question about how to remove the red notification symbol on App Store. I have this "Life Calendar" (Månaden v2, it changed name from "Svensk Månadskalender") When I try to update it via App Store it say: "The object is no longer available." When I click to see the...
  8. Fantomas318 ツ

    App that create "stroke" for text.

    Peace iCafe'ers! I have a question if anyone know if there are any app that can make strokes for text. Strokes like this picture with arrow is showing: I know you can makes strokes with Phonto App, that is an really awesome app. But the strokes looks like this: I want to know if there is an...
  9. Fantomas318 ツ

    Language in App

    Peace iCafe'ers! I've noticed a problem for my iPad. Some of my apps have a language set to Japanese/Chinese. Does anyone know how to change this? It's really annoying because I can't even find in the apps... Before I had a keyboard on Japanese, but I've deleted that. The picture is a...
  10. Fantomas318 ツ

    App that make nice headings

    Peace iCafe'ers! I have a question if anyone know a good App that can make nice looking headings? For example ones like the picture is showing, where it looks like someone draw a line around. Thanks for help! //God Blessed, Richard.
  11. Fantomas318 ツ

    iPhone SE Battery

    Peace iCafe'ers! Some time ago I bought a new battery for my iPhone 5S. Can I save that battery and use it for my new iPhone SE in the future? Thanks for help! //God Blessed, Richard.
  12. Fantomas318 ツ


    Peace iCafe'ers! I know how to make ScreenShots, but is it possible to take "ScreenClips" too? If you are watching a long clip and you find a part of it that is really good and you wanna share. How can you do that? I mean is it possible to "record" audio and what's showing on your iPhone...
  13. Fantomas318 ツ

    "Hey Siri"

    Peace iCafe'ers! I have a question regarding Siri. When you activate "Hey Siri" you have to record ways to say "Hey Siri" on. Can you record other words to activate Siri, like just saying "Siri", or "Hello Siri." Thanks for info! //God Bless, Richard.
  14. Fantomas318 ツ

    Text font app

    Peace iCafe'ers! Is there any app that can make cool text-fonts with an different colour outside of the letter? As showed in picture bellow. However I want an app that can make a "bigger yellow" layer. I mean, not as thin as in picture, because I've used PicsArt Photo Studio...
  15. Fantomas318 ツ

    Problem with Notes & Pictures.

    Peace iCafe'ers! I've had my iPhone 5S a bit over two years. It's been working fine, but now I've seen some strange things. For example when you copy a next in notes, the text you highlight sometimes just disappears before I click copy... It is also a bit laggy when you scroll up/down. It is...
  16. Fantomas318 ツ

    Safari search.

    Peace iCafers! When I was searching using Safari browser it was showing the result in bold style, it was easier to find that way. But now it doesn't do that anymore. Why is this and how can I change it back? Thanks a lot for the help!
  17. Fantomas318 ツ

    Altitude App.

    Peace iCafe'ers! Is there any altitude App that only show how high you go and not subtract when you go down? This is how I mean: If you should climb a mountain that is 200 meters. Then I want the Altitude App to "save the highest spot." So when I climb down and reach same place that I started...
  18. Fantomas318 ツ

    Photo app.

    Good morning iCafe'ers! Does anyone know what app to use, to be able to make pictures like this: Thanks in advance!
  19. Fantomas318 ツ

    App that can "Fill with colour." (Like Windiws Paint.)

    Peace iCafe'ers! Does anyone know what app to use to be able to "Fill with colour" like paint program in Windows can do? What app shall I download? Or does any of these work: PicsArt Photo Studio - Pixelmator - Thanks for helping me!
  20. Fantomas318 ツ

    App that can change resolution for picture.

    Good morning iCafe'ers! I have a question if you have any good (price worth) App that will be able to change the resolution on pictures. Why I ask this question is because an homepage ( is offering an "template" to insert your picture for a...