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  1. Runamuck

    Heya Tinman, what's up?

    Heya Tinman, what's up?
  2. Runamuck

    Using original iPhone car charger on iPhone 3G?

    Interesting. I have a similar device but mine is from Peripheral Electronics called the PXDP and it worked/charged my iPod v1 and Touch just fine as well as my 3G. I have noticed that it doesn't seem to charge the 3G as quickly as it did the v1 but then again the 3G is a beast with battery...
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    Visual Voice Mail -- Bluetooth doesn't work "WTF"

    Just for grins.... I've two iPhones right now. V1 running 2.0, 3G running 2.0 (although it's a development handset and has some SDK components on it). I've got 4 BT headset devices: Jawbone 1 Jawbone 2 BlueAnt Z9 Older Plantronics 655 On both phones: Jawbone 1, 2 work with VM On v1/2.0...
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    Still have lines at the Apple Store?

    That's because you didn't see the size of the apps that are going to start appearing on the Apps store soon. The installers themselves aren't going to be that big, but they will be streaming a lot more footprint down once installed. They will start appearing in early September, hence the...
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    Connection Timing Out After Update?

    I'm on the SDK plan with Apple. But for my non-dev phone, I just left it plugged in for the past few hours. As of now, it's finally activated and working. Just downloaded 4 apps from App store to it and they are running fine.
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    Does the 3G iPhone support stereo Bluetooth

    Nope. Somehow, RIM and countless others who are iPod wannabee's can do it, but the original inventor of the iPod can't figure out how to put stereo bluetooth into their iPod/Phone combo. Go figure.
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    Web Apps After 3G?

    You will see a lot more. At the WWDC last month, there were literally hundreds of new ones being touted, although most take better advantage of things like streaming video and such than current gen webapss. There were also a large number of security-type vendors offering you the ability to...
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    Over 4,000 native apps to be available

    At the WWDC, there were several Jailbreak-only app developers announcing "legit" versions of their products for the iTunes store. Of course, that likely means you've seen the last update for the non-legit versions of their apps via Jailbreak. Most Jailbreak devs I've spoken with viewed the...
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    Over 4,000 native apps to be available

    It's already been published, but developers are restricted from exceeding 2Gb in file size for iPhone apps distributed via iTunes. That does NOT prohibit a developer from distributing a small package via iTunes (an Installer for example) that requires you to connect via 3G or WiFi to download...
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    I finally agree! The iPhone was incorrectly reviewed by most!

    If you rarely use your iPHONE as a PHONE, then I have no quarrel with your dispute of my measurement. But I didn't buy an iGADGET or an iPODWEBSURFERTHINGIESELDOMEUSEDASAPHONE, I bought an iPHONE and as such, I feel qualified to critique that it's PHONE features are lacking in polish...
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    Over 4,000 native apps to be available

    At the dev conference last month, they posted a number of over 8,000 WEBAPPS already released or ready for release. So I wouldn't be so sure all of those will be what you consider "apps." Remember that via 3G, webapps can get a bit fancier than what you currently see out there.
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    I finally agree! The iPhone was incorrectly reviewed by most!

    Market research, sharing of ideas, looking for ways to improve the product. Obviously, not something most of the posters in this thread are here for I guess?
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    I finally agree! The iPhone was incorrectly reviewed by most!

    I didn't say the iPhone sucks, but your interpretation of that leads me to believe you have no desire to debate anything as you are intimidated by facts. Between May 2007 and Feb 2008, Blackberry's market share for smartphones increased by 6% globally. INCREASED. If the iPhone is a Bberry...
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    I finally agree! The iPhone was incorrectly reviewed by most!

    Fine, so take out the passcode for both the Bberry and the iPhone. Now you've got 3-4 steps to make a phone call on an iPhone versus 2 on a Blackberry. Still 50% LESS productive for doing something as simple as dialing a phone number on an iPhone. Way to miss context. :smile: I was talking...
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    I finally agree! The iPhone was incorrectly reviewed by most!

    Look at the example I posted earlier. It's just one real world sample of where the iPhone's UI, while "purdy" is less efficient than just about any other phone on the market. I don't mind being in the minority when I'm right. :laugh2: Disclaimer: I'm an Apple fanboi. The only Windows...
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    OK, just to clarify.........

    "The world is flat" was repeated over and over again and that didn't make it true either. :smile: I guess I'll just have to wait and see on launch day as there's no evidence to support the claim that "All iPhone v1 account holders today will be eligible for the upgrade price."
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    OK, just to clarify.........

    Where is your proof of this? I'm not accusing you of making it up, but I was just told the exact OPPOSITE of this from an AT&T rep less than 10 mins ago.
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    Confirmed: iPhone to go on sale at 8am

    I just called AT&T (yeah, I know they all tell you something different), but you "obviously if you already have a v1 phone you are eligible for an upgrade" comment according to them is false. You are only eligible for the upgrade price if you have been a customer with them long enough to get an...
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    And the Retail Price is..........

    I'm still a bit confused. I bought my iPhone in Jan of 2008. According to AT&T's press release: iPhone 3G will be available for $199 for the 8GB model and $299 for the 16GB model. These prices require two-year contracts and are available to the following customers: iPhone customers who...
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    I finally agree! The iPhone was incorrectly reviewed by most!

    I'm saying it's a 1st generation effort from an inexperienced phone design team who couldn't quite figure out the basics because they did little to no competitive research. But that's pretty much the standard for Apple. They proclaim something "innovative" without ever really considering...