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  1. latinnftl

    iPad ready for shipment

    9 to 5 is reporting that folks credit cards are being charged and orders are showing as ready to ship--including 3G versions. I just called the Apple customer service and sure enough it does say that my 3G 64GB is "prepared for shipment"; however, my credit card has not yet been charged.
  2. latinnftl

    Bluetooth problem sign of other issues?

    I updated to OS 3.1.3 when it came out and a few days later I noticed the Bluetooth stopped syncing with my car first (Prius 09--worked fine since I got my 3GS last year) and then with my Motorola headset, which also previously worked fine. Got the car to pair with the phone last night (after...
  3. latinnftl

    Apps that moved beyond page 11

    Help! I was rearranging apps and had them spaced out, and some accidentally went beyond page 11 so now I can only find them using Spotlight. Does anyone know how to reverse and get the apps back to being icons once there's space? How do you delete an app that's only on the spotlight. Thanks!
  4. latinnftl

    Phone speaks certain words

    I have the accessibility off. Now and then the phone speaks certain words when I'm writing them in an email. has anyone had the experience? Can't figure out what activates it.
  5. latinnftl

    3G and Toyota Prius

    Hi Folks, I have a 3G and am considering getting a Toyota Prius. Anyone have a Prius that they care to share their experiences between the two? I'm planning on getting the bluetooth option in the car. Thoughts? Also, have you guys tried the interface kit for Ipod in the Prius, does it work...
  6. latinnftl

    Whoshere app crashing

    anyone else having a problem with it? Was working fine but now it starts and crashed
  7. latinnftl

    Microsoft Exchange won't authorize employer

    Anyone else having problems getting it to authorize with your employer? I got all of my info from my exchange information from my outlook account, but still doesn't work!
  8. latinnftl

    Quirky Event

    Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. A few days ago I tried to load iTunes and it told me the library file was corrupt and that it had to create a new one. It did. I then synced my iPhone and it look like the coverart for the songs I had on the phone are all gone (inside the...
  9. latinnftl

    One Missed Call ringtone

    Hey there, Has anyone created a WAV file yet with the ringtone from the upcoming horror movie One Missed Call?
  10. latinnftl

    Websites preparing for iPhone

    For any of you who use Bank of America, if you log on to do your electronic banking a notice will come up about using your cell phone to do banking. If you go to the list of supported phones, iPhone is listed.