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  1. Test-Pilot

    8 Days from now

    Thanks for the email tips. What about the calendar? I work by appointments only. It's crucial to my business. I know I can "check my phone", as the Apple store employee suggested, but why would I buy the watch then? I really want to get it. But without more comprehensive calendar (and email)...
  2. Test-Pilot

    8 Days from now

    In the calendar app: if I have an appointment 8 days from now, I cannot see it's details on the Watch. I would have to check the phone. On the Watch, the calendar app shows up to only 7 days out. Am I wrong? Or is that ridiculousness real? Nevermind trying to see multiple months ahead. Also, in...
  3. Test-Pilot

    Slo-mo not slow on desktop

    Just wanted to pop in and report that this worked like a charm. Thanks again!
  4. Test-Pilot

    Slo-mo not slow on desktop

    THANK YOU! I will try this!
  5. Test-Pilot

    Slo-mo not slow on desktop

    I think I saw something about this before, but there was no real resolution to the issue. The Slo-mo is great, and when I share the video to another iPhone or to Facebook, the video does play in slow motion. However, when I upload it to my desktop, the video plays at full speed. Does anyone...
  6. Test-Pilot

    5s vs. 5 noticeable differences?

    I am a photographer by trade. And the 5S is the first phone camera that I actually like. Although I'm coming from a 4S, not a 5... so my opinion probably doesn't amount to Jack. The pano, burst, and slo-mo are all welcome "improvements".
  7. Test-Pilot

    What about a 5-inch screen

    I've had an iPhone from the beginning, although I've skipped generations here & there. I currently have the 4S... but I would LOVE a bigger screen. I'm old, and my eyes aren't what they used to be. LoLz
  8. Test-Pilot

    Win iTunes Gift Cards from everythingiCafe

    Yay, freebees all around!
  9. Test-Pilot

    iPad 2 vs iPad Mini for Christmas Gift

    If I'm not mistaken, the Mini has better cameras. Not that that would matter to a pre-schooler. The Mini hasn't left my side since I got it. The iPad 2... collecting dust. By the way, Hinezy: were you ever on a motorcycle forum?
  10. Test-Pilot


    I just ordered the iPad Mini from the Apple Store. I went for the big boy. Yes, the 64 GB model in black. I'm excited and cannot wait for it to ship.
  11. Test-Pilot

    iPhone vs Samsung (ENOUGH ALREADY)

    yes, I hear that from many fanboys. Until Apple releases their iTV, of course. Just giving you a little ribbing... but everything you've said sounds pretty... loyal. LoLz
  12. Test-Pilot

    Screen goes dim sometimes

    It senses the ambient light and adjusts screen brightness accordingly.
  13. Test-Pilot

    Strange Calendar problem

    Thank you very much! That did the trick. I love this community!
  14. Test-Pilot

    Strange Calendar problem

    Just got a new iPhone 4S for a family member. We're having a weird problem: we can't seem to create any events in the Calendar app. While in the app, there is no "plus" sign to tap on in order to create a new event. Checked settings, and got nothing that helped. Any ideas?
  15. Test-Pilot

    Is there an app that allows 2 iPhones to communicate like walkie talkies?

    Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT is pretty nice. And it's free.
  16. Test-Pilot

    Is Siri getting dumber?

    When it first came out, I couldn't sing it's virtues enough. It was great; I had very rarely experienced difficulty in getting Siri to do exactly as I asked. But lately, it's getting whacky. Example: "Remind me to put the platter into the oven at 6:00 PM" gets transcribed as "Put Clara into the...
  17. Test-Pilot

    Does the iPad 3 retina display blow you away?

    I couldn't agree more. Went to look at the new iPad, very excited to see the vaunted new retina display... only to get that 'meh' feeling when I finally saw it. Maybe the sample photo that they had loaded in it was of low quality to begin with, but I felt that the improvement in resolution was...
  18. Test-Pilot

    Battery life improvement with update

    Mine seems far worse after the update...
  19. Test-Pilot

    Hide the news stand icon

    Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. It worked! THANKS!
  20. Test-Pilot

    Adobe throws in the towel

    Wow, iP5, that's really manning up and owning it. You got my respects. Seriously.