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    iTunes Update for iPhone

    I can imagine that with the extended functionality of the iPhone, that iTunes will need some level of revamp to get the best level of performance. Will there be an iTunes update in the near future, or are we all 100% sure that the current version will handle the massive capabilities of our new...
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    I've had an iPod for about a year now, and I've never encountered any issues with slow responses, and only VERY few reboots. On the other hand, this piece of CRAP Samsung cell phone (Cingular) I've had for almost two years is SO damn slow, I'd swear it was a PC/AT. (Some of you know what I'm...
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    Even better iPhones?

    Y'know, I gotta admit that I haven't given much thought to where we can go from here. I was so excited about getting the first edition, I didn't even think about what else I'd like it to do... I guess the ultimate goal is to have a mini-Mac on my hip, huh? LET'S DO IT!
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    iPod Car Charger

    Do we know if my existing iPod phone charger and FM transmitter will work on my iPhone?
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    Interface with Hotmail

    I know MS is the major competitor, but in all the documentation I've read there's no mention that I can sync my mail with Hotmail, which I've been using for a loooong time. Does anyone know yet if that will be offered eventually?
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    New i-Nicknames

    Okay, so I'm not easily offended by non-Apple folks givin' me a hard time, but I heard a new one the other day... "iFags"! Evidently since I own an iPod, and have been touting the fact that I'm getting an iPhone, I've been labelled an "iFag" along with the rest of you. Jealous anyone...
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    Cingular and/or AT&T

    I don't know if this is considered off-topic, but when is the Cingular name/image going to be dropped completely? All of the service advertisements and articles that I've seen still refer to the exclusivity of the iPhone and "Cingular" rather than "AT&T". I didn't know if there was any...