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    VOIP comming soon to your iPhone

    Sorry if this has been posted.....Engadget has an article about a British group who apparently has developed a beta version of VOIP software for iPhone. This is not that garbage like JAHJAH or the other phony VOIP offerings. VOIP iPhone
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    New iPhones already v1.02?

    I was just using a new iPhone today from the Apple store that was version 1.02 out of the box....anyone seen this with other new iPhones?
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    Slow iPhone sales = price drop

    I understand everyone who is angry about the price drop but it was not to anger anyone. Apple sunk a good amount of money into iPhone and up to today iPhone sales have been poor. Apple is in the game to profit not loose money.
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    Sync Google Calendar with iPhone?

    Still have not found a way to sync Google Calendar with iPhone, has anyone figured a method to do this?
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    Anyone try a Cellular amplifier/repeater?

    I was looking through the store here and came across this . It is a cellular amplifier repeater. I live in a building with very thick walls that do not permit me to get very good reception indoors. Does anyone have any experience with products like these? I don't want to spend $500 on one of...
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    New ads on this website ruin browsing experience

    This is directed at Chris who maintains this site. I am creating this thread to see if others are having similar results. I had not been on on my iPhone for a while...a few hours ago i went to the site and started looking at threads.... I noticed pages taking substantially...
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    Why are YouTube videos not encoded in h264

    Not sure whether there has been a discussion about this issue yet but it has gotten to the point that I need to vent the frustration associated with this issue... Why are new youtube videos encoded in flash and not h264? Everytime I am reading something especially tech things from sites like...
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    any one getting faster EDGE speeds then WiFi?

    hello from my trusty iPhone, has anyone else experienced faster edge speeds than wifi unless you are on a very good wifi network and you are reasonably close? I am at my cousins house now and edge is running MUCH better than wifi because of the way he has it set up. The thing that bothers me is...
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    Anyone else have this problem with Gmail on iPhone?

    So whenever I try to setup my Gmail account for POP on my iPhone I go to Gmail settings select, "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on". The only problem is that for some reason it keeps on sending me ALL of my mail, including the 3 million +++++ messages in my archive....anyone...
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    Hey everybody I have not been on these forums since the 29th so I apologize if this question has already been answered but what ever happened to I am assuming nobody knows the truth but has anybody heard anything about it?
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    Official iPhone cleaning cloth

    I hope Im not the only one out there that would like Apple to sell their black iPhone cleaning cloth in a 3 or 5 up 1800-MYAPPLE and demand it! :tounge:
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    HORRIBLE activation process

    I have been waiting outside since 9 am this moring and have still not been able to activate my phone! THis is honestly the worst product related experience I have ever had!
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    Theory about AT&T hiring 2,000 temp employees...

    Just came back from the ATT store I will be at tomorrow and noticed they have a security guard in a black suit waiting inside by the door. Anyone else notice guards? Now with approx. 1800 ATT stores, 1 guard for each store, 2-3 for large stores could equal the 2,000 employees, and the fact...
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    Best compression from iPhone?

    Any video editing people here who can give me some intelligent advice and an explanation as to what compression is best used for reducing file sizes and mainting best quality and why. I wous thinking mpeg-4 would be best but what about h.264?
  15. P Poll Results: Are you planning to buy an iPhone?

    I am definitely not a hater, in fact I plan on being in line early friday morning but I was just on and there is a poll "Are you planning to buy an iPhone?" The results are interesting: Yes, I will be among the first: 2% Yes, but I'm waiting until after the initial frenzy: 5% Yes, but...
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    Apple 5th Ave store CNN coverage tonight

    Hello everybody, I am writing to you from a computer at the 5th ave store and was just witness to CNN interviewing Greg Packer and the other 7 or so people already in line. The interview was pretty long and will certainly be scaled down but it should be good tv. I will say, this Greg Packard...