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  1. Geo

    So I'm looking for an "all in one" case...

    Yes! I heard great things about that case/keyboard. Seemed quite sturdy and practical.
  2. Geo

    Which iPad Air Did You Buy?

    Very well said.
  3. Geo

    T-Mobile Offering 250MB of Free Cellular with New iPads't-free/ "urns out that the $10 fee is legit…if you financed your iPad purchase through T-Mobile. You get 200 free megabytes, all right, but that’s only on top of a mandatory $20 per month, 500-megabyte...
  4. Geo

    T-Mobile Offering 250MB of Free Cellular with New iPads

    I was just browsing the T-Mobile site and they now offer the 128GB model. An article a day or two ago said that they would not be offering the 128GB version. You'll need 299 up front and the rest on their two year plan, but free....ok, let's hold it right there. Seems that the free that...
  5. Geo

    Which iPad Air Did You Buy?

    QUOTE: "I haven't ever gone over 20 GB so why should I pay for 128 if I don't need it? I'd rather spend the money on something else." Yes, like a nice case? I have the iPad 4 at 64GB and can fill half easily.
  6. Geo

    T-Mobile Offering 250MB of Free Cellular with New iPads

    Yes, T-Mobile is on my radar now! The eternal question (and an article or two) about the need for cellular would be appreciated again. But free? Well, just in case i need it? For email and some browsing; to download the airline boarding pass while on the way to the airport because I left the...
  7. Geo

    Typing on iPhone 5 keyboard not so great?

    I found that the thinner screen, in conjunction with my butcher fingers don't do we'll for those little keys on the screen.
  8. Geo

    Buy iPhone now or wait

    You want the 5? Right. It will be a big difference from your 4 as mentioned in this thread. It's a matter of waiting? "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
  9. Geo

    Switching to T-Mobile

    I found that it was about the same price once you factor in the phone cost on the monthly service cost, about $70.00 a month. If I'm really good and careful I get $66.00 a month on AT&T. But usually I am at $73.00 with an added text or long distance call.
  10. Geo

    Straight Talk iPhone 5 gsm unlocked?

    Thanks for the answer. I'm ok with no LTE, since its just basic email and surfing the web. But still wanna hear from someone who tried the Straight Talk iPhone 5, with a gsm SIM card.
  11. Geo

    Straight Talk iPhone 5 gsm unlocked?

    Hi. I am looking at the iPhone 5 from Walmart on Straight Talk. It's a good deal that I can pay over time. Does anyone know if the gsm chip is unlocked? (Like Verizon's)? Anyone try the phone on another US or other country network?
  12. Geo

    Best headphones for iPad?

    a pair of v-Moda which I bought for my iPhone 3GS originally. Also a Bose Qc-15. Aahhhhhhh....quiet
  13. Geo

    Pico Projectors and iPads

    I hooked up the iPad 2 to the Brookstone version of pocket projector. It worked well and was awesome. Anyone need the Apple adapter (30 pin to HDMI) New, used once.
  14. Geo

    32GB or 64GB iPad (4thGen)?

  15. Geo

    iPad as Laptop Replacement?

    As I am looking through the Apple website and the store in person, a question came apon me. It was actually caused by the soreness in my arm.....cause I am carrying around a laptop and an iPad. Can I leave my laptop at home? Can the iPad be my laptop replacement? All the time? or some of...
  16. Geo

    Thinking of getting 4th GEN and Mini

    For what you sell your iPad 2 for you will have enough for that mini. Who needs two iPads? If one is a mini, OK. I waitied till I got into an Apple store to see an iPad mini in my hands. I was impressed with the fit and finish of the product and was almost ready to say give me one, but I...
  17. Geo

    What can't I do with iPad?

    The other day, I found myself poking at the screen of my laptop, as if I wanted to open a file or document. I felt a bit silly. But that would be a nice next step Apple. (copyright this idea i did)
  18. Geo

    iPad or laptop?

    SHOWGUY< I just read your post and was thinking if my iPad will ever replace my laptop. Would be willing to share what those apps are that have made switch exclusively to your iPad? I know this post is about a year later but it would be helpful. Thanks.
  19. Geo

    32GB or 64GB iPad (4thGen)?

    Opps, i cannot do that, cause it is already in the mail to the new buyer (just sold it). But I know from being connected to iTunes, and the gauge at the bottom of the screen, that It rarely went over the half way mark. ((This sparks another question, about is it really able to be a laptop...
  20. Geo

    Cellular iPad owners, are you using the same carrier as your iPhone

    If you are not really using the cel network on your iPad, why spend the extra dough? ATT don't need it for you? Will WiFi be enough? You are right about how they almost push you into a 6GB plan! I know you may need the LTE for testing for us here at everythingicafe, and we do appreciate it...