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  1. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

    Well, my friends all have a headphone jack coming out of their head units to go to their iPhones. i took it to the shop thinking i was gonna get that done, and i thought wrong. it came out with a cord that plugs into the charge/dock spot. it charges it and plays the music through my head...
  2. B-MAC

    New software

    well i started to download the new update. then it was taking too long, so i unplugged it. now it just has a screen with the iTunes logo and the power cord. wtf do it do, iTunes says i need to restore it, but i has some important pictures on there right now. please help!
  3. B-MAC

    Just ordered my iPhone

    hey guys, i just signed up here because i just ordered my 8g iPhone. im pretty excited. i also ordered the belkin case, a car charger, and a invisbleSHIELD. im going to get a holder for it for when im in my car, and a headphone jack from my stero so i can use it as an ipod in my car(ill also...