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  1. alicepattinson

    Holiday Coupons

    Hi everyone, I just received my newsletter and luckily Minisuit is giving away coupons for their 2 products: cases for ipad mini 4 and GoPro HERO4. I think it's for this month, especially Christmas is coming and they want to share some love with discounts. But hoping for freebies :)...
  2. alicepattinson

    iPhone 6s What do you think of the iPhone 6s? Any big differences?

    Don't have much difference but it is still impressive.
  3. alicepattinson

    I need privacy for my SMS/Text Messages

    You can simply set a passcode for it.
  4. alicepattinson

    Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone 4

    Thanks for sharing on how to do it right. :)
  5. alicepattinson

    iOS 9 Beta Discussion

    I do also look forward for the bugs to be fixed.
  6. alicepattinson

    Apple Pay stung in transactions using data stolen from retailers: WSJ

    I do read a lot who is having this issue, I hope they do necessary actions for this. :)
  7. alicepattinson

    Samsung's new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are eerily similar to the iPhone 6/6 Plus

    It was almost a carbon copy but still iPhone is way better. :)
  8. alicepattinson

    Is It Possible to Get Sidetone from an iPhone 5S?

    I don't get what you are asking please elaborate it so that you can get fast response. :)
  9. alicepattinson

    iPhones wifi stops working when headphone audio cable is plugged in

    I don't know that it has a connection, try to reset it to its factory default. :)
  10. alicepattinson

    Rollover Data Coming to AT&T, Following T-Mobile's Lead

    Is it real? If yes, I still got no problem I think its a good move from AT&T. :)
  11. alicepattinson

    iCloud Keychain problem: Verification not working

    Europa is right, I do experience this too 2 weeks ago and did what europa says. I got it fixed. :)
  12. alicepattinson

    Mac 8.1.2 jailbreak w/PP released

    I think its not advisable to do so. :(
  13. alicepattinson

    AT&T unlocked my in contract iPhone 6 ... have a few questions

    Thanks for asking about this I do also want to know what to do. :)
  14. alicepattinson

    OT: Thoughts about our devices peripherals like selfie sticks and etc.

    Hi everyone, i just want to ask advice on what to buy with this selfie stick pakcage bundle list. What product will i choose, I do prefer cheap but quality selfie stick with a good package bundle: 1...
  15. alicepattinson

    Class action against Apple over "exaggerated" storage capacities

    Yeah I do noticed it too. And I feel annoyed on it. :)
  16. alicepattinson

    Early upgrade?

    Yeah they will. :) Just always update AT&T for them to be pressured. :)
  17. alicepattinson

    Strange behavior on lock screen

    Yeah it also happened to me. It keep on keeping crashing. :(
  18. alicepattinson

    Unable to receive any notifications from icafe forums

    Kindly check your setting maybe it was set not to notify you. :)
  19. alicepattinson

    ViewSonic readying iris-scanning Smartphone

    Woah! This phone is quite interesting. :) Hopefully they release it on a affordable price. :)
  20. alicepattinson

    StickyBanners needs frequent reinstalling

    I think the just crashed just re install it. :)