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  1. emhcee

    New site layout on the iPad 2

    This might just be my problem, but I thought I'd ask... When I view EIC on my iPad2 vertically, it's as though the site doesn't know where the right edge is and when to wrap to the next line, in fact the whole right banner area is missing. When I view it horizontally, it seems to be fine...
  2. emhcee

    Is there an app / log that would help me troubleshoot why my WiFi connection keeps dropp

    After noticing that my Wifi was out a few times, which was strange, I'd go back in and find the network and rejoin. Then sitting here just watching my phone, I see that after a few minutes it just drops again and switches to 3G. Any ideas?
  3. emhcee

    iMessage not working, SMS messages only

    Jailbreak went fine, and I installed a few things here and there... installed BiteSMS last night and came to realize this a.m. that all messages go out as text messages now, rather than the usual blue-bubble iMessage. I'll be poking around to see what's up, curious to see if anyone else is...
  4. emhcee

    Lost PDF password

    Anyone use an app to unlock a PDF that's protected? I have several that are site design proposals for clients from a year or more ago, and don't have any idea what the passwords were. I see several apps that supposedly unlock them, but I'm worried about malware.
  5. emhcee

    .MTS file converter for OS X? (free?)

    Anyone know of an app that converts .mts files (HD camcorder files) for free? I have found a few that are 40-50 bucks, but thought there might be a gem out there that works and doesn't cost anything. Not that I mind paying for good software, which I will if I need to.
  6. emhcee

    What Email app does everyone like / use?

    First of all, let me start by saying that the reason I've never used Mail / iCal / AddressBook is because I've always found it ridiculous that I needed to have 3 apps open to do things that one app should be able to do. So even though I'm hard-core all-things-Mac, I just never got into using...
  7. emhcee

    What would YOU do if you were to hit the lottery?

    In light of this huge lottery (U.S.) forecasted for tonight ($540 million jackpot, if taken as a $390 million lump sum and after federal tax withholding, works out to about $293 million), just thought it'd be fun to hear what people would do if they were to win. I've got one ticket, so my 1...
  8. emhcee

    i4Siri seems to break my twitter apps

    Anyone else playing around with the i4Siri app and finding that it seems to disable twitter apps? When I run the installation process any of a couple ways (using the i4Siri installer, or manually using just Spire) I can get it to work pretty easily. But then I find that Twitter, and TweetBot...
  9. emhcee

    iUsers app has serious bugs

    I'd advise against it, personally. I was tinkering around with it and installed 2 users. What I've found is that it's horribly screwed up the tweaks I had in place when switching back to the primary (admin) user - still working to try to get everything back in shape. I removed the app, and...
  10. emhcee

    Illustrator help w/ a logo

    Any chance someone can help me out with a logo that I need turned into an .eps? Right now it's just a crappy screen capture from a Word Doc. Ideally, it'd be converted to a good line drawing, with an outline for a second color. Thanks, if anyone wants to take a shot at it!
  11. emhcee

    Why don't threads i post in show up in my 'watched threads' section?

    Just curious... seems like the threads I posted in back prior to the redesign (love it, by the way!) are there, but not the ones I've posted to recently. mc
  12. emhcee

    Help recalling the name of an app/tweak

    I can't recall the name of an App/Tweak that someone suggested here, and I'd used it frequently when organizing my springboard. What is does is, when you hold the icon to set everything wiggling, the one icon (or folder) you have selected sort of jumps up and stops wiggling, and stays in place...
  13. emhcee

    Email alert tone suggestions?

    So now that my wife and daughter are on board, there are 4 iPhones in the house... and everyone's email tone is the same. I'm up for changing mine - any suggestions for alternate tones? I like the blackberry sonar, but it's kind of long. What say you?
  14. emhcee

    WeatherIcon on JB 4.2.6

    I'm fixing up my wife's iPhone (4.2.6), and I'm only trying to put the bare essentials of what's needed in order for the tweaks to work... While installing WeatherIcon, I keep getting a 'size mismatch' error. I've checked Google and gone to a few sites (see what I did there?) but they all...
  15. emhcee

    greenpois0n-osx_rc5_2 & libcurl.4.dylib error solution

    Okay so maybe there's only a small subset of users seeing this problem, but it was holding me back last night, so here's what I found to resolve it. When I was running greenpois0n-osx_rc5_2 on my mbp running OS 10.5.8, it kept erroring out due to "Incompatible library version: greenpois0n...
  16. emhcee

    Mobile Terminal on 4.0.1

    Anyone else have trouble with mobile terminal since upgrading to 4? I know the notes on it in Cydia says it "wasn't quite finished being ported to 2.x" but it had always worked fine for me on iOS 3. Lately all it does is open up and shut right back down. Any suggestions for an alternative...
  17. emhcee

    Camera Roll photos

    I need to do a restore, and don't have iPhoto installed on my laptop at the moment... anybody know where the photos on my iPhone are stored so I can pull those down to my machine and not lose them? Thanks -
  18. emhcee

    SMS customizing in 3.0

    Am I the only one who can't stand the default green bubbles in the SMS app? In the old system, it was just a case of replacing the Balloon_2.png file, but that file doesn't exist in the new OS... has anyone done some playing around to find which files to edit/replace to change the color scheme?
  19. emhcee

    Changing fonts

    So based on a thread I found here, I took my Myriad Pro ttf files and simply renamed them to Helvetica and Helvetica Bold, and then placed them into the proper folder on my phone and *bingo* my main font was Myriad Pro. So I'm wondering why, when I took a different TTF named Corbel and did...
  20. emhcee

    24 - Season 7 ringtones wanted

    Anybody on the boards have or can create the ringtones used by the FBI phones on the new season of 24? Thanks!