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  1. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

    anyone else with ideas?
  2. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

  3. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

    I'll have to try that, thanks. I called Apple and they said try soft and hard resets, which is stupid and idk why that would work...did try soft. And I have 1.1.1 thanks.
  4. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

    then idk why its not working, i guess ill have to call Apple.
  5. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

    when the people at the shop called alpine, they said i needed some firmware for my iPhone, because if they do this for someone and they use an ipod it works. im not sure i was hoping someone here could lead me in the right direction.
  6. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

    for a firmware update?
  7. B-MAC

    iPhone in my car

    Well, my friends all have a headphone jack coming out of their head units to go to their iPhones. i took it to the shop thinking i was gonna get that done, and i thought wrong. it came out with a cord that plugs into the charge/dock spot. it charges it and plays the music through my head...
  8. B-MAC

    New software

    well i started to download the new update. then it was taking too long, so i unplugged it. now it just has a screen with the iTunes logo and the power cord. wtf do it do, iTunes says i need to restore it, but i has some important pictures on there right now. please help!
  9. B-MAC

    Was Apple breaking mods deliberate?

    so wait, we cant mod phones anymore? i was just starting to look into apptap to get some games, and different Apple going to do this for us then?
  10. B-MAC

    to case or not to case? do you case? or are you naked?

    I have the invisbileshield (well the screen cover for now, haven't found three days i decided i wanted to go without my phone for the back :p), then again, i just saw they sell the fronts only also. and the belkin case from this site. The case is cool, i chose it over a vaja case because it...
  11. B-MAC

    Just ordered my iPhone

    guess who came home to an iPhone :) :) right now im trying to get it set up and activated before i go back to school...hope i can do it idk how long it takes.
  12. B-MAC

    Just ordered my iPhone

    no they said monday or tuesday, and of course it wouldn't show up monday :P so hopefully today sometime. thanks for all the help ill let you know when i get it.
  13. B-MAC

    I'm a Contractor... what's the best case for me?

    if i was you i would want something like this
  14. B-MAC

    General questions from a new owner iTunes to ringtones
  15. B-MAC

    Just ordered my iPhone

    what is the word on Apple coming out with things that people have made mods of, like to do lists, games, wallpapers, ringtones... anyone?
  16. B-MAC

    What do you drive or ride?

    lol. don't laugh. i didn't realize everyone here was rich or full of :p1999 Z24
  17. B-MAC

    iPod touch is part iPhone?

    haha way to go Apple, how credible is that though?
  18. B-MAC

    iPhone shuffle video: LoL

    those were somewhat funny.
  19. B-MAC

    Just ordered my iPhone

    phone should be here tomorrow sometime (hopefully fedex will leave it because im at school from 7-11 and 1130-330) but when i get it, how do i activate it? and how can i choose a number? will i have to go to the store to choose a number?
  20. B-MAC

    Just ordered my iPhone

    yeah im just going to use an AIM client thats over an internet page, until they come out with one from Apple i think. does it charge as texts that way?