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  1. connie

    Can't send picture messages to Android peeps

    Hi all!! Since updating my 6s a couple of days ago I can't seem to send pictures to non-imessage phones. Is this a bug with the new iOS or do you think it's my phone?? I've tried a reset a few times, updating cellular and network settings. Closing all apps and keeping the phone turned off...
  2. connie

    Help with iPhone Voicemail (for Google Voice users)

    Hi,if anyone uses google voice is there any way to deactivate the google number? And also how can I get my iPhone's voicemail to answer again instead of Google Voicemail? I'm sure there's a simple way but I'm not seeing it. Thanks.
  3. connie

    Deleted emails back in my inbox?

    I have been experiencing this problem all day today and wondering if it's just my phone or has anyone else experienced this. I have been deleting my gmail emails all day long and a few minutes later they come back in my inbox as new mail. It's not happening on my computer or ipad, only on the...
  4. connie

    Great deal on CaseCrown iPad cases on Amazon.

    Just got this case $5.99, it looks awesome in person. I've always liked Case Crown for iPhone but this case for iPad is amazing. It's metallic looking with a nice drop proof coating. Velvety on the inside for non-scratching. Love it, just thought I'd share.
  5. connie

    Happy New Years.....

    Year I mean, Happy 2011!
  6. connie

    Emoticons on the iPad?

    Is there an app yet for iPad to used emoji keyboard? :032:unsure
  7. connie

    For those of you that upgraded to new OS on iPod touch

    So is it worth it? My iPod touch is jail broken and I like it how it is but I am very curious and tempted to upgrade. What are your thoughts?
  8. connie

    Does anyone else have problems with copy &paste on iPad?

    Every time I want to highlight something to copy it either won't do it at all or highlights an empty space under or on top of what I want to copy. Its hard sometimes to pinpoint where I want to highlight It's so frustrating. It's easier on iPhone/iPod touch. Has anyone else noticed this?
  9. connie

    iPad Drawings/Sketches

    Have you drawn/sketched anything? I want to see it. Here is an amazing one along with a lesson:
  10. connie

    Rumors of iPad delays

    There are rumors of delays on iPad all over Twitter today because of manufacturing problems. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with child laborers.
  11. connie

    Apple making 2 announcements at their event?

    Today on our local news channel, they have an electronics reporter and he is claiming that Apple will be making 2 big announcements at the event scheduled at the end of the month. One will probably be no big surprise to anyone and will probably be some sort of "tablet", but any ideas on what the...
  12. connie

    Super Glue on my iPhone screen :(

    I had to use super glue on something my cats knocked over and broke. My phone rang and not realizing I had any glue on my finger I swiped to answer the phone and put the call on speaker. I now have a small smear of super glue in a couple of places on the screen. It is bugging the heck out of me...
  13. connie

    Error message sending SMS. Is it an MMS eve thing?

    Trying to send regular SMS text to my friends on 3gs 3.1 no alterations iPhone. Anyone else or is it my phone or area network maybe? Just thought it might have something to do with tomorrow?
  14. connie

    iMac Buy a Mac get an iPod Touch Free

    I just bought a new iMac at the Apple store on May 15th. I had asked the guy in there if they were having this promotion again this year where you can get a free ipod touch with purchase of a computer. He said no, they weren't doing it again. Lo and behold I get an email today from Apple with...
  15. connie


    I am going on a road trip to San Francisco, Cupertino is on my way. I am wondering if anyone has been to the Apple Campus as they call it or the Apple company store there and is it even worth stopping. I heard it's a huge place with very beautiful grounds. But is it worth it? Anyone? I know it's...
  16. connie

    iPod touch to iPhone Question

    If you have an Ipod Touch and buy an iPhone, can you download/transfer the apps you already bought for the Ipod onto the iPhone like you can transfer music? Hope that made sense.
  17. connie

    FYI-Customize Upgrade in Cydia

    Just an FYI for all who still like to use Customize, there is finally an update in Cydia. Seems to be working great now and no crashes when you open the app like before.
  18. connie

    MacBook Keyboard, Trackpad not responding, kext message?

    I am so bummed Apple Care is closed and I am stuck using this old PC because my 9 mo. old mackbook is not working. I had it plugged into to an external hard drive where I store my pictures, music, etc. I accidentally unplugged it instead of ejecting and now I am getting this window that says...
  19. connie

    Grown Men Crying :(

    I just got back from seeing the Jennifer Aniston movie Marley and Me. I must say I went to so a happy, light-hearted movie and ended up crying (make that bawling) for the last 30 minutes of the movie. But what made me cry even more was the everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the theatre was crying...
  20. connie

    MacBook How long does your battery last on your MacBook?

    Just wondering how long your battery lasts on your Macbook until you have to charge it again. My battery use to last quite awhile, now it's lasting only a couple of hours. I usually take it out into the living room with me at night while everyone is watching TV, I'm here talking with you guys. I...