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    I have the iPhone, do I need or want the iPod touch?

    I currently own the iPhone and love it. With the iPod touch now available, I wonder if it makes sense to own both. Anyone have both? Would love to hear your reasons for why you picked up both?
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    Safari error message - help!

    I often receive the following error message "Could not open a pop-up because there are too many pages open". I know this is not the case because I can reboot my iPhone and get the same error. What does this mean? Is it a bug? Thanks
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    Increase startup display time?

    I've noticed that when I turn my iPhone on, the display only stays on less then 20 seconds and then turns off. Is their anyway to increase the time the phone display is on? This would help in displaying any contact infromation I have on the wallpaper. Thanks
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    I'm I the only one? - Edge is pretty fast!

    With all the negative talk about how slow Edge was going to be on the iPhone, I was fearing the worst. I now find that Edge works very well loading pages, getting my email, etc. It's also been pretty stable as well.
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    Display contact information at startup?

    Is their any way to have contact information (Name, address, phone number etc.) dispalyed on startup like a PocketPC? Thanks.
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    What's the Word? Can I get it on line or not

    Anybody have the definitive word on buying the iPhone on Apple's website on the 29th? Can we? Charles