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  1. LauraBee

    2.0 is live!

    I've done everything that's suggested, and after I rename the file with .ipsw it even turned into a little icon... but I get error 1403 when I try to choose it after looking for an update while holding the option key... What am I doing wrong? Could you list exactly how the file should look...
  2. LauraBee

    My constant need to reboot...

    It seems as though every time I get a call (that's an exaggeration, it's probably one in three) or try to switch screens, or unplug the charger my phone freezes and I have to reboot it with the home and on/off buttons. I am missing tons of calls because I can't answer them (even with headphones...
  3. LauraBee

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    I look at the new posts every couple of days or so, and just go "Oh well, nothing good today" or "God, who cares how I work out?" and I log off without saying anything because It's not my job to criticize what other people are talking about... I just felt moved this morning to say that I thought...
  4. LauraBee

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    You know, I don't expect anything at all. I haven't been posting complaints about this, I was just agreeing with the sentiments in the first post of this topic. I don't see any reason to be angry with me about it, I was just expressing an opinion.
  5. LauraBee

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    Thank you! Before June 29 of last year I really enjoyed these forums and talking about what I came here for: The iPhone. I even enjoyed the speculation and rumors about what the phone would be like when there was a shortage of facts. I couldn't possible care less about how many times people go...
  6. LauraBee


    Hmm I just purchased an iPhone for my husband for our anniversary on 10-21-07 and paid cash for it. He only needed one phone so I don't know about the limit, but I drop lots of cash at my local Apple store and they never give me any grief about it. I'm just saying.
  7. LauraBee

    the worst problem in iPhone history..give me help

    Well thank God you're not clogging it with useless coments!
  8. LauraBee

    World of Warcraft video capture PROBLEM

    I'm terribly sorry, you are right, I posted in the wrong forum. Thank you so much for dilligently pointing this out, I know now how harmful it would be to leave this post in the wrong place! I'm very happy that you've called on Chris to move it, since I"m unable to move it myself. Thank you for...
  9. LauraBee

    World of Warcraft video capture PROBLEM

    You know, I chose general discussion because it was for topics not related to iPhone. I thought that since there are so many mac users here I might get an answer. You were very helpful with your post though, really.
  10. LauraBee

    World of Warcraft video capture PROBLEM

    in the new mac interface options we can now record video of the game. Both macbooks will record, but my brand new iMac has a menu that's all gray. I'm thinking that there is a setting I need to change, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. Can someone give me an answer for this...
  11. LauraBee

    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    I ordered one of these the first day this was posted...takes ten days to make my custom color choice and I can't wait for it to get here!
  12. LauraBee

    An admission and a question

    I may be an idiot for asking this question because I have not yet read the forums for the answers to these questions. Gotta go to work and I have limited time. I'm going to ask, and thank you in advance for not chastising me for asking before reading: I've heard about the ringtone making...
  13. LauraBee

    Were never getting our updates. Must read!

    tangible |?tanj?b?l| adjective perceptible by touch : the atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible. • clear and definite; real : the emphasis is now on tangible results. noun (usu. tangibles) a thing that is perceptible by touch. Tangible is a nice big word, but not...
  14. LauraBee

    What are you going to do with your $100 credit?

    I didn't get the letter Did it come to you by email? I bought an 8G on iDay after waiting 9 hours in line.
  15. LauraBee

    What if my girlfriend finds out? Assistance needed!

    If I were a guy I wouldn't put up with a girlfriend who checked my phone calls, and as a girl I wouldn't put up with a boyfriend who cheats. If you don't break the law you won't go to jail, it's that simple.
  16. LauraBee

    New dog help!

    New dogs My older dog Jack Bennett (Lab/Rott mix) was so pissed at me when Jeff came home (Jeff is a miniature poodle, shaved with a mohawk) when he was just a little meatloaf sized puppy. Jack Bennett ddn't talk to me for over a week and Jeff was all bouncybouncybouncy, but they finally...
  17. LauraBee

    Anyone here married?

    Happily married since October of last year But my first husband (10 years) and my second husband (5 years) were just practice to find out what I do and don't do in relationships that make them work or don't work...I can't speak for you, only for myslef: I didn't know who I was going to be...
  18. LauraBee

    What does Your Avatar Mean?

    Mine is a photoshop enhanced picture of my calico right eye. I always say that this spot is my first tattoo, from God, and that's how I know I'm in the right businesss. That's really my eye, I just played with the saturation a bit.
  19. LauraBee

    Returning my iPhone Today!

    I thought haiku poetry was 5-7-5.
  20. LauraBee

    AIM from the developer of AIM

    Now that I've tried beejive too I'm dropping the first one. How could I not like something called BEEjive?