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  1. LTownBrodown

    iPhones SIM card in other phones?

    i was just wondering... say i got a unlocked blackberry... would the iPhones sim chip work for the phone? would i be able to use all the features like web browser and email or will it not work since the iPhone uses a different data plan?
  2. LTownBrodown

    Whos using Yahoo mail?

    Who all is using yahoo mail? im having problems with sending emails, they don't seem to go out even tho it says it was sent...but i can receive emails without a problem anyone with this same problem?
  3. LTownBrodown

    iPhone working after 48 hrs!

    So yeah thanks to my local AT&T stores manager who worked until 11:30 to help me out, he normally gets off at 6 on sundays. He called some head corp. guy and he got my phone to work.... i was told to get a new sim card earlier today so i got it, never worked, the corp guy got the old one to work
  4. LTownBrodown

    I just went to go get a new SIM card

    Did the process all over again, been waiting a hour.... no service... still after waiting 35 plus hours so far with the first sim card, called AT&T and they told me i need to wait 48hrs for the new sim! i have never in my life have had something like this happen... i have never waited so long...
  5. LTownBrodown

    using WiFi?

    How do i set it so that to wifi instead of using edge? i cant use edge since it is still activating...
  6. LTownBrodown

    ACTIVATED but not to new number

    I finally got my phone activated but they replaced the main line in my family plan, thereforee i got the main lines number... how do i get both phones on different numbers
  7. LTownBrodown

    What happens when your phone activates

    My iPhone still hasent activated... i got a email saying that att is now in the process of activating my phone... it says that they will email me once it is complete... i know i will get the email but what about my iPhone what will it do? btw im waiting 14 hours so far...kinda getting old
  8. LTownBrodown

    iPhone Stress test

    Check out the video No scratches on the screen what so ever!
  9. LTownBrodown

    Okay this is getting old AT&T

    They knew that everyone would be activating their phones around the same time. Now their telling me that all stuck iPhone activations are stuck until they find the problem....i have been waiting over 13 hours and still no activation. I got a email saying they are in the process of activating it...
  10. LTownBrodown

    Any dead or stuck pixels?

    i have one on the bottom half of my screen how do you fix these?
  11. LTownBrodown

    What about using the restroom?

    So some of us are gonna be waiting for awhile in the morning... So what do we do about going to the restroom? If i have a spot and i leave to go take care of my businesss... when i get back someone may say "hey get at the back of the line.
  12. LTownBrodown

    Any current AT&T members?

    If so can someone refer me? You get $25 and so do i!
  13. LTownBrodown

    Call your AT&T tonight...IMPORTANT

    I just called my local AT&T and they said they are giving out tickets in the morning when they open so they wont have any lines. The tickets go in order so if your the first one to get one then you will be the first to come in at 6 pm. Im sure it varies at different stores, but i would call...
  14. LTownBrodown

    Verizon isn't going without a fight

    Looks like Verizon wireless is going to open late friday too... plus more reasons to hate Verizon Source
  15. LTownBrodown

    Haha Call 1(408)550-3542!

    Call and listen to the voice mail!
  16. LTownBrodown

    best way to charge battery?

    What is the best way to charge the battery in the iPhone? Let it get really low then charge it or charge it whenever even if its more that half way charged
  17. LTownBrodown

    question about starting an AT&T acount

    Friday will be the first time i have every had a cell contract and I was wanting to know how would adding a line to a family plan work with the iPhone? iPhone activation is done through iTunes, so how do i get that other line after the iPhone is activated and the family plan begins
  18. LTownBrodown

    Cash or Card?

    When you pick up your shiny new Apple iPhone on iDay, are you going to use cash or credit. Please take the poll! What are you gonna use when you get your iPhone?
  19. LTownBrodown

    first cell contract what do i need?

    What kinda stuff am i gonna need to bring with me on friday? I.D., SS card, money anything else?
  20. LTownBrodown

    dead pixels

    Remember when the PSP first came out how there was a major issue with dead pixals? I had that problem, i returned my PSP 4 times before i had a dead pixel free screen, well as far as i could see. Im hoping that the iPhone wont have this problem, im really picky when it comes to my gadgets, im a...