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  1. Josh Yates

    Are you going to upgrade from the iPad Air?

    I'm torn...wondering what many if you are going to do. If I sell my iPad Air right now (64 GB wifi), I can get about $400 for it on Craigslist. If I wait a year...I'm looking at $300 or less. I don't see a need to upgrade to the iPad Air 2, but the margin of resale will be less next year...
  2. Josh Yates

    SALE: Bodyguardz & Zagg

    Just wanted to let everyone know...Bodyguardz is doing a Black Friday 50% off sale on the entire site! If you wanted to go tempered glass or just wanted a good skin/screen's the time. I pulled the trigger on the Pure tempered glass for the iPad Air. I have it on my iPhone 5S and...
  3. Josh Yates

    iPad Air Best Buy Purchasers...

    I just got my iPad Air 64GB for $659.99 at Best Buy via price match through MicroCenter. MicroCenter has the iPad Air for $659.99 in-store. So...if you live around a MicroCenter, you can price match! I purchased mine on release I took it in today. They returned it and then I...
  4. Josh Yates

    Bodyguardz Pure vs. Spigen Glas.T Slim

    Well...I pulled the trigger on the Spigen deal that was through StackSocial. Not a bad deal, but overall, the Glas.T Slim is VERY fragile! It installed was difficult to get into place and bubbles were apparent. There were also dust particles, so I had to pull it and use tape to get...
  5. Josh Yates

    EIC App Crashes iOS 7

    The EIC app crashes in iOS 7. I use it for 30 seconds and then it's done. What gives? Anyone else have any issues?
  6. Josh Yates

    CaptCase: New case funded through Kickstarter

    I wanted to post about the new CaptCase that is scheduled to be shipped in early May. I backed this case and will post pics along with a review here once it arrives. This is a new wallet-style case that has some interesting features. It will be available for the iPhone 5, 4S & 4. In the...
  7. Josh Yates

    AT&T LTE Speeds Inconsistent

    I wanted to check and see if anyone else has any inconsistent speeds on LTE in other parts of the country. I live in the Detroit area. Most mornings, I get upwards of 40 Mbps the evening, I get as low as 1 Mbps. Upload is consistently around 4 Mbps. Any ideas? Could it be network...
  8. Josh Yates

    Element Sector 5 Gunmetal Case (off eBay)

    Well...I thought I'd post pics of my new Element Sector 5 case here. It's a fake, but it's a GOOD fake. Got it on Ebay for about $28.
  9. Josh Yates

    AWESOME Earbuds for all iDevices

    I have FINALLY found a pair of earbuds that fit exactly what I'm looking for! I know that there are some that LOVE the Beats line of headphones and others that abhor them. I have been looking at SO many different headphones...I've tried the iBeats earbuds, Beats Tour, Beats Solo HD, Klipsch...
  10. Josh Yates

    4G vs LTE Connecticity

    I have been experiencing an issue (albeit small) with 4G/LTE switching. Wondering if it's my phone or if others experience it too. Detroit just got LTE before the iPhone 5 maybe it's a "newer network" issue. Typically, I have no issue & I'm on LTE. However, from time to time...
  11. Josh Yates

    Starting iPod/iPhone Repair Business

    Hey, all! Wanted to see if anyone had advice for me as I begin a one person iPod/iPhone repair service. I'm mainly going to be fixing cracked screens, but can do some other repairs as well. Wanting to get my name out there (need to name the service) and plan on doing some businesss cards and...
  12. Josh Yates

    Apple May Have Alienated a Consumer Segment

    The more I talk to people, I think that Apple may have alienated a segment of consumers. The people that love the iPhone and are techy are ok with the lightning connector and will be willing to buy the necessary cables & adapters. However, there are many people that are used to buying the $99...
  13. Josh Yates

    AT&T Launched LTE in Detroit

    WOW! AT&T launched their LTE network on Sept 19! I didn't expect to have LTE for a couple is it quick! It depends on signal strength, but I've gotten as high as 42 mb down and 8.5 up! Basic speed in my house is 14 down & 4-6 up. Friend of mine has Verizon and just posted 39 down...
  14. Josh Yates

    AT&T Purchasers Question...

    Something interesting happened when I placed my order through AT&T this AM and I'm wondering if it happened to anyone else. My line has unlimited data, but was not eligible for this upgrade. My wife's line has 200 mb of data per month and WAS eligible for the upgrade. My wife will be getting...
  15. Josh Yates

    Belkin SnapCover for iPad 2/3 Review

    Here's another case review for everyone...
  16. Josh Yates

    Switcheasy CoverBuddy for iPad 3 Review

    Thought some of you may be interested in a review of the Switcheasy CoverBuddy for the iPad it is!
  17. Josh Yates

    Best Buy iPads Sale Time?

    Has anyone heard when Best Buy will be opening their stores for the iPad? Normal time or has anyone heard different?
  18. Josh Yates

    What Feature Are You MOST Excited About?

    So...what are you most excited about...or are you not excited at all? :)
  19. Josh Yates

    How Many Got AppleCare +?

    I'm just many of you purchased AppleCare+? I have it on my iPhone, but not sure I need it on my iPad. Tempted to cancel it when I get my new iPad and possibly get the AppleTV...mainly for AirPlay. I'm definitely going to want an ATV when Mountain Lion comes out and brings...
  20. Josh Yates

    iPad Replacement from Genius

    Hey, all! I just wanted to let you all know that just because you think an Apple Genius won't help your poor iPad, doesn't mean they won't! I noticed that the gasket in the corner was pushed down and the screen was definitely pushed into the corner. I never dropped the iPad, but one of my...