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  1. Macster

    Ok guys ( my first help request)

    I happened to be out of town (in San Francisco) and didn't have the receipt. The guy at the Genius Bar didn't even ask for the receipt. He just looked at the serial number of the phone and looked up the registration info. I walked out with a new AC power converter, under the warranty.
  2. Macster

    Ok guys ( my first help request)

    It is still an Apple product. The will fix it. I bought two iPhones from AT&T, had problems with the AC wall adapter. They took care of it on warranty.
  3. Macster

    Is the iPhone (1st gen) worth getting?

    Play with one, and you will buy it Like you, I have heard a lot of complaint about what the iPhone can't do. If you go to AT&T or an Apple Store and play around with one, you will see what it does, and likely be impressed. The thing that impressed me was the phone itself. IT beats the...
  4. Macster

    Custom Ringtones without Jailbreaking WORKS with the new 1.1.2 Firmware Update!

    Tell me your secret! I have followed the instructions, but cant get the new ringtone to show in the ringtone section of iTunes. (I have a Mac G5, with the latest versions of both iTunes and the phone firmware.) Never mind, I have it working now. Thanks anyway.
  5. Macster

    new unusual ringtone thing happening

    I recently purchased a few ringtones from Apple. I set the main default ring to one of these, and then tried to set one of the standard tones (Old Phone) for a specific contact. The ringtone I set for the contact always reverts to the default ringtone. Any ideas for a solution?
  6. Macster

    Is there a directory of all "Everything Apple" forums?

    It is a little late to chime in, but I just read your thread. I have an Apple TV due to be delivered today. This is what my wife and I used our refund credits for from our iPhones. I do not plan on purchasing a lot of movies and shows from iTunes. Like you and others, we have a ton of DVDs...
  7. Macster

    Edge question, and service question

    Concerning your question about speed, it is a little slow on the phone, but it is acceptable. WiFi is much faster. But then again, I purchased the iPhone for the phone and not the internet features. About the charges on your bill, I found it was simply a $20 increase in my monthly charges...
  8. Macster

    dropped my phone :(

    Just dropped mine yesterday... It fell out of the Belkin open top belt case. dropped onto my gravel driveway as I was running. Other that a little scratching on the corner it dropped on, no damage.
  9. Macster

    Can I sync iPhone across platforms?

    I sync the majority of the info at home on my Mac, and sync just the Outlook calendar on my PC at work. It works just fine. The only problem I ran into was when my wife and I tried syncing the outlook info from both of our phones to the calendar on the Mac. It was just too much info to juggle...
  10. Macster

    Restore Error 1604 (anyone?)

    Mine did that also. The only thing I did was tell iTunes to restore again, and the second time it took. I think I also read in another post that somebody recemmeded shutting down iTunes, and maybe restarting the computer, and then trying it agin. Good luck.
  11. Macster

    What is RIGHT with the iPhone

    This is the best phone I have ever owned. I bought a Razr two years ago, and as Motorola improved the operating system, there was no way to update my phone. There are a few features I would like the iPhone to have, like a program that would give me the winning Powerball numbers for any given...
  12. Macster

    Total Monthly Charge

    I'm a police officer, and had the city/government discount also. Gave it up for the iPhone, with no regrets. AT&T was pretty straight forward when they said no other discounts apply. I have the family plan with two iPhones, my total bill is right at $116 a month. It went up from an average...
  13. Macster

    It's not a phone!

    My wife and I bought the iPhone first... because it is a phone. And in the two months we have been very pleased with them as phones. Whe we made the purchase, I honestly didn't think we would use the other "computer" stuff as much as we have. It has seemed every day we come up with more uses...
  14. Macster

    One thing that increases battery life.....

    If you turn off the auto-brightness feature, that will also help with power usage. you will find that control in settings under brightness.
  15. Macster

    Quite Possibly the Most Annoying Video Ever

    I can't believe I watch the whole thing. I sat here wondering what is wrong with him, then it hit me, "what the hell am I doing still watching this?!"
  16. Macster

    Stupid Recent Call Function

    Same for me. only missed calls.
  17. Macster

    handbreak settings

    I am having issues with Handbreak also. I rip a CD, and I can't get it to transfer to the iPhone from iTunes. I get a messge the tells me the iPhone can't play the movie. I have done my best to set Handbreak to match the specs of the iPhone, with no luck. I would settle to have it play a...
  18. Macster

    Syncing contacts from the Mac and adding them to the iPhone

    Normally, unless you set iTunes to replace all information on the iPhone, it will merge all data or contacts. If there is some sort of conflict, it will give you the option to review the conflict and select which contact you want synced. If iTunes appears hell-bent on replacing everything on...
  19. Macster

    Mac Tutorial: How To Put DVDs on the iPhone

    I just downloaded Handbrake yesterday. I'ill check the settings. Just to get a comparrison, I downloaded a TV show from the iTunes store. It worked fine. Now I am going to compare the two to see what is different. Thanks for the reply Spin This. Rich
  20. Macster

    Mac Tutorial: How To Put DVDs on the iPhone

    Problem I have a Mac G5, using Handshake. I converted a movie to MP4, and then copied it to iTunes. When I try to sync it to the iPhone, I get a message telling me that the movie was not copied because the iPhone can't play the movie. Any suggestions?