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    Will work with T-Mobile USA's 3G network (please read and verify)

    ^Don't know how you plan to accomplish that, but can't just "install" recognition for another band into a phone. Unless BOTH the download and upload band are available to the phone, 3G does NOT work. This was undoubtedly done intentionally to effectively knock out the market for...
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    Let's discuss in store activation

    Actually, you're the one who's misunderstood. The free iPhones are only for those who are signing high-priced contracts. Those who are signing cheaper contracts pay $200USD for the phone. The pay and go prices have been released, and they're a staggering $799 and $899 USD. You FAIL.
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    Do you think this guys method will work?

    In the past, the way this has worked is you pay the termination fee and get to keep the phone. However, it's been stated that there IS NO "buyout" option for the iphone-- you MUST return the equipment when cancelling the service, or they won't let you cancel. There is no option to pay them and...
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    WWDC Picture

    For the record, Sprint often gets HTC handsets 6mos-1 year ahead of Verizon. The HTC 6800 Mogul came out on sprint in late june, and not on verizon until Christmas. They'll likely get the new Diamond before Verizon, after it goes to T Mobile, who is getting it first. Cheaper phones they get...
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    Check your calling area!

    You can buy the new iPhone, it will just default to EDGE coverage if 3G isn't available. If that's the only new feature, then you won't be gaining anything. If there's other features that you want, it will still work.
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    More Leaks, Rumors, Good Times

    Looks like a clip holding the front and back of the shell together. There's often clips like that in a prototype housing.
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    WWDC Picture

    Hmm that's an interesting idea. I'd be surprised to find a "low end"'s idea of "low end" has never really meshed with the standard definition. Even a "low end" phone would be out of the price range of most average buyers. As far as all cell networks...semantics aside, the 5 year...
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    WWDC Picture

    I have no idea why they'd photoshop the bridge into two bridges. The area where the picture is taken from is the Marin Headlands, but they have the other edge going into what looks like basically the backside of Marina Blvd. Not too logical. Doesn't even really point to the Moscone West, either.
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    bioshock coming to the iPhone?

    Man, that game was difficult enough to play on the xbox with full controllers...I can't imagine playing it on my phone. That said, it is one hell of a game.
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    Who's getting an AppleTV?

    I have a 160GB AppleTV. I'm thinking of selling it, as I just don't get $329 worth of use out of it. It's neat though when I do use it...
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    So I'm in the process of making up my mind...

    Here's the thing with women. Women are inherently insecure. When we talk to you, we generally have something in mind that we want you to tell us. When you tell us what we know we're going to hear but we don't want to hear it, we whine. She's not being fair by expecting you to be around to lean...
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    Will 3G result in a more expensive data plan?

    Currently the iPhone plan with 450 minutes is $59.99 a month. To upgrade to 1500 texts it adds $10/mo so you would be looking at $69.99 a month before taxes and government fees. 3G isn't necessarily more expensive. You pay the same price for an EDGE blackberry as a 3G blackberry.
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    get around AT&T's crap

    Alltel is CDMA. It owns no towers, but instead has agreements with Verizon and Sprint to get coverage. So they sort of piggyback, but not the same way MVNOs like Virgin Mobile and Boost do (Virgin uses exclusively Sprint services, Boost is exclusively Verizon, and they're generally pretty...
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    What is Edge?

    For the record: Voice calling is 2GSM, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is actually 2.5G, and EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution) is 2.75G. EGDE actually sort of falls under the 3G definition, though not as we know it with UMTS, HSDPA, HSDPA+ and the upcoming HSUPA which will actually...
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    Got Fired For Pics On My iPhone

    Ignoring the fact that if you get pulled over for speeding and blame it on a sticky accelerator, you shouldn't be driving, as that's dangerous-- it still doesn't fly. You're responsible for taking actions to make your car safe to drive...fixing the accelerator, checking the TO field of your...
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    Bad Idea

    Man, $400, that's not even a CLASSY prostitute. Much better ways to spend money. Remember...HD DVD LOST the format war!
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    So Excited!

    US Cellular is GSM, no? Ah, no, it's PCS. They probably share towers with Sprint. But if it works in rural Vermont, I'm guessing it would work in the middle of wisconsin!
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    warranty replacement

    It's not a realistic possibility. They only replace with a newer model if either the parts or a refurbished model of the old one isn't available. There are undoubtedly thousands of refurbished iPhones available. He'll get one of those if he tries to swap it. No chance of getting a new, retail...
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    Got Fired For Pics On My iPhone

    I gotta didn't get fired because you had dirty pics on your iPhone. You do have a right, as an adult, to keep whatever you want on your phone. What you DON'T have a right to do is email them to your coworker. If the pics had stayed on your phone, then you'd still have a job...
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    Why can you text on EDGE, but not on WiFi?

    You can't surf while on a call because GPRS/EDGE data occupy the same frequency as voice calling. You can only do one or the other and calls take priority. 3G supposedly allows you to call and browse at the same time since 3G data uses its own dedicated frequency. But again, only in a 3G...