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  1. hmlaa

    Help my iPhone wont sync with iTunes 8.01 anymore after computer restore!

    HELP MY iPhone WONT SYNC WITH iTunes 8.01 ANYMORE AFTER COMPUTER RESTORE! I reinstalled the original manufacturer disk because i wanted ichat back after i had deleted it, so after that i pulled up my iTunes and tried to sync my iPhone 3g 16 gig with the latest software to my computer but nothing...
  2. hmlaa

    OMG Please Help! I screwed up the Activation process! =O

    Ok, so i was trying to activate my dads iPhone on the computer today and i entered the social security number right, and i checked the right options but i typed in the wrong cell number that the phone was going to swhich over a result, Apple/iTunes kept saying that my activation was...
  3. hmlaa

    Anyone Lining Up In Michigan?

    Is there anyone here that is lining upp in michigan...just wondering :laugh2::laugh2:
  4. hmlaa

    How do I use my iPhone and G4 In Europe?

    I am traveling to England tomorrow and I need to use my G4 Laptop and my iPhone in my hotel in England. Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what I need to buy so I can use my things in England. Thank you very much!
  5. hmlaa

    How to efficiently track your iPhone?

    Does anyone know how to track you iPhone. I found a regular cell hpone tracking software, but it somehow does not cover Apple phones. So does anyone know? I had friends over, and I used it in a bus, and my crazy house keeper came and messed up my house! So I don't know where it could be! I...
  6. hmlaa

    Still no easy way to add ringtones for 1.1.1 or 1.1.2?

    man this is really annoying.... if i could do something about it then i would... but i'm not that computer savvy.:embarrassed: this sucks! any new developments?:frown:
  7. hmlaa

    Ipuntastic 3.0.3. Not Working With New 1.1.1 iPhone Update?

    Can someone please help me? This day has been terrible! First i accedently disconnected my new 1.1.1 iPhone update too early and messed it up big time, then when i tried to get my custom stuff back like homescreen and ringtones i couldn't! I am using IFuntastic 3.0.3 and everything worked...
  8. hmlaa

    iPhone can't sync or connect to computer!

    can someone please help! ok, so i just got ifuntastic 3 and i was told by it to restore my iPhone so i did and there was still an error with ifuntastic so i restarted one more time and now i can't sync and my computer won't even reconize my iPhone when i plug it in! Please help me! I really...
  9. hmlaa

    Still No Custom Ringtone Maker for PowerPC Macs?!

    Just checking up again, so there is still no custom ringtone maker program for ibook g4 power pc users? Man! Can someone make one or something? Ohh well maybee someday....:embarrassed:
  10. hmlaa

    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    I Just Synced And The New Update Is Here 1.02! But It Just Has More Bug Fixes...
  11. hmlaa

    Internet Pictures

    can you download pictures directly from the iPhone Internet? Like from google or something ?
  12. hmlaa

    Ifuntastic help

    Can someone please help! When i download ifuntastic everything is successful until i look at the icon on the desktop... the icon has the ifuntastic icon with a "x" over it! Ahhhh i don't know what to do! I REALLY want to get new ringtones and i have tried soo many programs and i use a...
  13. hmlaa

    Getting Flash Player

    Is there a mod for iPhone that has flash player or could get it?
  14. hmlaa

    AcTVation Back Up!

  15. hmlaa

    Flash Player/Real Player/Windows Media Player etc...

    We DEFINITELY need some apps for these video formats! I really wanna play online vids on my iPhone!
  16. hmlaa

    Can you charge the battery with the iPhone turned off?

    I am not shure if you can...and its charging really slowly with the power on.
  17. hmlaa

    Help I Can't Use My Edge,WiFi,SMS,or Maps!

    Can someone please help me! i can't acess my edge, sms, and maps n stuff!:frown::embarrassed:
  18. hmlaa

    How Long Does ACTVATION take?

    how long did it take for your iPhone to be completley actvated ? it said mine needed extra time to actavate or some reason?... HEYY GUYS I'M BACK FROM CAMP!:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::2cool:
  19. hmlaa


    Well i've learned just about enough about iPhone that i need and want to know! if i learn any more then it will spoil the suprize! So i'm not really going to be thirsty for more info....for the resst of the time before launch i will just be chit chatting... plus i am going to camp on sunday...
  20. hmlaa

    On the 8th day of iPhone...

    On the 8th day of iPhone.... guys in 8 days we will have an iPhone.... AMAZING just thought i would throw that out there! ps:hey iPhonenotify... gimme back my sig! lol! jk!:wink: