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    What are your wishes, hopes and expectations for WWDC 2012?

    I hope they improve the battery life for the 4s.. Recent updates did nothing..
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    How many rollover minutes do you have?

    I think a lot has to do with the a-list and now AT&T is free mobile to mobile, but you have to request it, a free service but you have to put a request in. Some people don't even know about it, it's allowed me to lower my monthly bill though. I'm happy with AT&T it's still the only talk and surf...
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    How many rollover minutes do you have?

    Once you cancel your unlimited data you mean? That's what I was told and that's why I won't give up my unlimited data that I've had for 5 years.. Unless you've had it for awhile you can't get unlimited with ATT..
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    How many rollover minutes do you have?

    I had over 16,000 till I recently changed my plan. yes ATT took my rollover minutes but I obviously needed to change my family plan and lower the the minutes. They left me with 5,000..
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    I knew it! Seems like they redesigned the antenna!

    I have a 3Gs and the antenna issue has a lot to do with that. I was annoyed by an ATT salesman that called the free bumpers a fix to the antenna problem. But yes sooner or later they had to address this and I'm glad I waited and hopefully the next iPhone for ATT will be 4G..
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    Verizon iPhone To Include Personal Hotspot

    Ok I misunderstood, and I'm sure verizons would be similar..
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    3G coverage on 3GS question...

    On the 3Gs it's just general>reset>reset network settings.. After you click general scroll to the bottom you'll find reset.. Just click reset network settings, all you will have to do after resetting them is put your wifi password back in.. Just watch what you click there are settings there to...
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    Verizon iPhone To Include Personal Hotspot

    I think it's a lot of fluff, verizons data is slow as it is. Add another device or 5 to that and you might have to start downloading at thanksgiving to be ready for Christmas lol. Maybe not that bad but I had verizon and it's definitely slower than ATT..
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    Verizon iPhone To Include Personal Hotspot

    I don't see this working well at all, verizon users have a hard enough time with their 3G data connections now. Share that with 5 devices and they will absolutely crawl. My opinion anyway.
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    Verizon iPhone To Include Personal Hotspot

    I've always wondered if that's why they don't allow it, surely their system must be capable of the two at once..
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    Will Verizon get the iPhone 5?

    This is exactly why I didn't go ape chit when the iPhone 4 came out. I knew it would be a mistake because 4G is on the way, so hopefully iPhone 5 will be here this summer and it will be 4G. Granted ATT network will be mainly HSPA+ with LTE on being added city by city, but an iPhone with 4G...
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    Are you switching from AT&T to a Verizon iPhone?

    I had Verizon they're over rated. Im sticking with ATT, why would I switch verizons iPhone isn't even 4G and to my knowledge the "nations number one carrier" doesn't even have a 4G phone :/
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    Verizon iPhone To Include Personal Hotspot

    I would be lost not being able go online while on a call. I guess I've been with ATT so long I don't know any other way. (I was a Cingular customer first) People that don't have that option always brush it off and say it's not important but that's not true for me. I also won't be switching from...
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    EDGE vs WiFi vs 3G

    Hi, If your using the phone for calls I'd say leave it on edge. If your online a lot use wifi. Being online on edge is slow and burns too much battery loading the page.. 3G burns my battery up I rarely use it. You can just leave it on wifi for data, I leave mine on all night.
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    What did you Cook today?

    New York style pizza with extra mushrooms..
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    I just purchased the Oppo BDP-93 blu ray, sacd, dvd audio player. I signed up to be notified of it's release and I actually got before the general public as quite a few others did. The pics were taken from the net not my home theatre setup but it's the same player.. Dual hdmi outputs, esata port..
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    T-Mobile Bagging On iPhone 4

    I just read up a little more, I guess verizon just needs some 4G phones. And Metro pms I mean pcs (lol) beat them with their own LTE service out before the big V, imagine that.. Btw t-mobile is not LTE..
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    T-Mobile Bagging On iPhone 4

    It does but what I'm reading is it won't show up on their wireless (phone) service until mid 2011. If I'm reading it right it's only 4G for data via a connect card for laptop. Voice is still on their old network.
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    T-Mobile Bagging On iPhone 4

    yes really, from what I see the whole 4G thing is partially hype and it still needs a whole lot of refinement..
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    T-Mobile Bagging On iPhone 4

    Lmao tempting but my iPhone doesn't talk back :/ haha..