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    Guess what? The iPhone 3GS I just bought had a broken button

    I bought my 3G white iPhone from the AT&T. I decided a day later I wanted black. I returned it to AT&T and it was a pain. I turned around and got the black one from Apple. Things went much much easier when I bought it from Apple. I learned my lesson the first time. Buy Apple products from...
  2. J

    Cheapest way to upgrade to 3GS from 3G?

    Your best bet is ebay or craigslist your 3G phone. You will get around $400 on ebay, and around $425 - $450 on craigslist depending on the condition of your phone. I sold my 3G 16 gig black for $400. After the paypal fees and ebay fees I cleared about $380. I was extremely lucky as I...
  3. J

    White iPhone 3GS cracking issues?

    Mine is perfect. No cracks and a perfect screen. My screen is also flush. Sorry for those who didn't get a good one, or what they consider perfect.
  4. J

    ultrasn0w out now!

    The topic title is correct. Ultrasn0w is out. For all of those looking to unlock your 3G iPhone running 3.0 it is out. Follow the directions and you are as good as gold. Enjoy!
  5. J

    ultrasn0w delayed...

    Looks like ultrasn0w is now in the final stage before release. It could even be out tonight(I am in the US). If not, it should be out some time tomorrow it looks like.
  6. J

    Dev-Team to retire quickpwn

    Yep, it will be called redsn0w I believe now.
  7. J

    Email from Apple about activation

    I was able to activate in store. Is the $30 gift card given to just online orders that cannot activate? Or is it in store as well? I waited about 3 hours in line when I was customer #29 cause the workers there were absolute idiots.
  8. J

    ultrasn0w delayed...

    I haven't read anything, Muscle's twitter was the first time I read that.
  9. J

    The "S" is for SPEED!

    yes, this is truly amazing how fast it is. No one is talking about the screen either. The 3GS screen is better then the 3G. Very vivid colors and the best black levels. I noticed it right away.
  10. J

    ultrasn0w delayed...

    Looks like through the weekend. They ran into a bug with youtube/push. Hopefully it will be released by Monday at the latest, I hope I hope. Either way these are guys are fantastic and should be commended for their efforts regardless.
  11. J

    Weird...MMS working on one, but not the other iPhone (Fam.Plan)

    Some phones are blocked and some aren't. My phone will MMS, but my wife's won't. AT&T has to remove the block from that phone. Just cause they are on one plan doesn't mean there isn't a block on individual phones.
  12. J

    The 3GS will MMS On Launch

    I consider late summer August, even September. Anything before that would be getting ahead of their time table. I still don't understand why they are not prepared for MMS messaging. I think it is cause you can send video. That may be the only reason. Your guess is as good as mine.
  13. J

    AT&T screwed 3G owners

    yes I hate companies that are nice enough to bust their own contracts and allow some people to get a new phone day 1. What jerks.
  14. J

    Legitimate argument with Apple and AT&T

    It isn't up to Apple. This is up to AT&T. They are the ones that allow or disallow early upgrades. AT&T just released a statement(not Apple) that June, July, August, and September customers that would be eligible for subsidized phones can get the new 3G S day one. It is up to them and them...
  15. J

    Early upgrade?

    I am sure if you check now, you will see that you are eligible for the early upgrade. They didn't update the accounts till around 2 a.m. central time. You posted this slightly before that time.
  16. J

    How to enable tethering in iPhone OS 3.0

    This worked fantastic. Thank you so much. I was able to keep visual voice mail as well. This is the way to go. I am actually posted on my computer using tethering as we speak.
  17. J

    How to enable tethering in iPhone OS 3.0

    Your extremely lucky then. Almost everyone has lost their visual voice mail after getting tethering to unlock.
  18. J

    3.0 jailbreak

    Not only are you going to be able to jailbreak, but you will also be able to unlock is what they are saying.
  19. J

    How to enable tethering in iPhone OS 3.0

    All of you who now have tethering unlocked, will notice that your visual voice mail does not work anymore. You either get tethering or visual voice mail. I don't recommend doing this trick to unlock tethering. That is just me though.
  20. J

    iPhone OS 3.0: It's available now!

    Yep, just popped up for me. Updating as we speak.