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  1. J

    ultrasn0w delayed...

    Looks like through the weekend. They ran into a bug with youtube/push. Hopefully it will be released by Monday at the latest, I hope I hope. Either way these are guys are fantastic and should be commended for their efforts regardless.
  2. J

    MobileChat (Best Messenger App There Will Be)

    For those of you who jailbroke your phone and used this app know what I am talking about. This app is going to be by far the best messenger app in the app store. According to their site it is being reviewed by Apple and then will be available in the app store. For those of...
  3. J

    Bodyguardz(Invisible Shield) hard to apply?

    Anyone notice that it is really hard to apply these skins? I ordered Bodyguardz and I had a hell of a time applying the skin to the phone. The screen was a breeze, it was the back that was a pain. Lining everything up....I am a perfectionist and it took me FOREVER to get it even remotely...
  4. J

    AppTap 1.1.1(Not a thread saying it works)

    On they put a disclaimer saying "this does not work with ipod touch or iPhone firmware 1.1.1 at this time." Obviously that saying means they are working on it and for all of us that love our 3rd party apps that updated and lost them or those that did not mean...
  5. J

    New MobileChat 1.2.5b Amazing

    One of the newly added features is truly amazing. If you are talking to two people at once, you can just scroll the chat screen and get the next conversation with a flick of the finger. A wonderful addition to the app. This is by far the best AIM client for the iPhone.
  6. J

    Calibrate(Change) Contrast on iPhone

    I have been looking around to see if there is a way to do this. Is there a way to change the contrast on the iPhone. If there is not, I am sure some of the extremely intelligent people making 3rd party apps could find a way to do this. Give us control of the contrast of the screen. This...
  7. J

    There are other phone plans then the 3

    I found this out yesterday. I got my 2nd iPhone bill and it was over $400. I have the $99 plan that gives me 1,350 anytime minutes, nights and weekends free, free mobile to mobile, unlimited data, and 200 SMS. Well I went almost 800 minutes over my anytime minutes. So I called AT&T and asked...
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    Major Issue With Mail

    I am having a weird issue with my yahoo e-mail account. When I go to mail on the iPhone on the bottom it says "Checking for mail..." That continues and never goes away and it will drain my battery if I don't disable my account. Reason being it is connecting to the internet but not retrieving...
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    Carrier Logo/Jailbreak Issue *Help*

    Sorry to create a thread on this, I know I have posted in another thread on this issue but I need some help as I am getting extremely frustrated. I downloaded the iPhone Pack off I do the begging steps it says with Terminal and everything is fine. The issue I have is when...