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  1. Imagine09

    How to Post Images

    I've been struggling with this... How can you post pictures (images) so that when your not logged in, you can still see your picture verus a file name or link? When I'm logged in at home I can see my images just fine...when I'm at work the same post only shows the file name...I would...
  2. Imagine09

    Delete podcasts from iPhone without connecting to iTunes

    Iknow you can delete PodCast (video files) directly from the iPhone...but, is there a way to delete PodCasts (audio files) from the iPhone without syncing to iTunes? Thnx
  3. Imagine09

    How to Change Text on Home Screen

    Has anybody figured out how to change the "text" on the Home Screen?
  4. Imagine09

    Manzana lets me browse iPhone files and folders

    I tried this interface last pretty good when it recognizes all the iPhone directories/files. Unless I'm doing something wrong (and I could be) this program seems to be hit or miss on how much gets picked up on connection with the iPhone. I was able to delete stock ringtones just by...
  5. Imagine09

    Printing photos directly from iPhone

    Just an FYI.. I connected my iPhone via USB cable directly to my stand-alone printer (an HP Photosmart A617). The printer immediately recognized the 21 photos that I had stored in the Camera Roll. I was able to view the photos through my printer; cycle through each one; select and then print...