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    iPhone version 1 - Touchscreen Problem?

    I have a problem that I know has been talked about before on this board. The very bottom 1/4 inch of my touchscreen does not work at all. For example, if I go into Safari, I can't do like spacebar or anything at the bottom. It's under full Applecare, so it's not an issue to take it to the...
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    Favorite New App?

    Please post your favorite new app(s). Remote - I am really impressed with this. It is easier to navigate through my thousands of songs using my iPhone than typing in a bands name in the search bar on my macbook. NY Times - Perfect for news junkies like me. Very easy to navigate. Very...
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    Annoying problem - Icons re-arranging if power off

    This problem is annoying. everything works great on the phone. I was just bored a few days ago and moved all the icons on the home screen to the second page. I moved the base icons (phone, mail, safari, ipod) to the third page. I wanted to see what a blank homescreen would look like. If I...
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    is there a fumbleview for college basketball?

    I loved using the site during the NFL season. Just wondering if there is something similar for college basketball.
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    Safari - Is there a way to prevent it going to the mobile version of a site?

    I am getting annoyed that more often than not, it seems to go to the mobile version of a website than the "real" website. Like this morning, I wanted to see something on It went to the mobile version. :angry: Is there a way to make it go to the real website?
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    airplane mode - calls go to voicemail?

    This may be a stupid question, but I like to put my iPhone in airplane mode while docking in a 3-4 year old ihome system. If I get a call while in airplane mode, will it go to voicemail?
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    200 MB of "OTHER" on my iPhone?

    After the 1.1.3 update, I noticed that I have 200 MB of on my iPhone. I have no idea what it is. My iPhone is a stock phone, no mods. I thought maybe it was something with safari history, cache, etc, so I cleared that and nothing happened. Any ideas?
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    Album Artwork Help! Mac

    I have a mac and I have the latest version of iTunes (7.3.2). Last night I imported The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album from a CD that I own. I tried to drag drop the album artwork off of Amazon because Beatles' albums aren't on iTunes yet. For some reason it did seem to let me just do that...
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    OMG! My first iPhone problem!

    :angry: I am a huge Apple computer nerd. I have been using macs and ipods for years. I have been a staunch supporter of the iPhone always citing that mine has worked flawlessly. I was outside a courthouse this morning before reporting for jury duty. I was just siting outside listening to...
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    Apple Care for iPhone Registration!

    I had some trouble registering AppleCare online for my iPhone. It gave me some message that "The service you are requesting is not available in your area". I thought that was strange, so I tried again, and same message. I called Apple (1-800-275-2273) and got someone right away and over the...
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    No Problems with my iPhone, Am I the only one?

    I've had my iPhone since iday. It has worked everyday without a hitch. I've never had any of the problems discussed in this forum. I think the iPhone is one of the greatest products that I have owned. :laugh2: Am I the only one on their first iPhone?
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    YouTube error?

    I am a news junkie. I love the new video parody entitled "Hott 4 Hill", it's a Hillary version of "Crush on Obama" video. I bookmarked it on my iPhone. If I am online via edge, it plays rather garbled like bad TV reception. If I am online via wifi, it won't play at all. Has anyone has...
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    Bluetooth Problem

    I took several pictures with my iPhone this morning and went to a store that has kiosks where people print digital photos. Acouple of the computers do have bluetooth capability. My iPhone couldn't recognize any of them. My friend was there with his razor and it recognized the computers...
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    Apple Store Visit 6/20

    I went to my local Apple store to try to get official word on camping out. My Apple store is inside a mall. I am not one to "camp out" for new gadgets, etc. I don't want to wait outside there for 10-12 hours if someone that comes at 5:55 PM has the same chance of getting one. Does anyone...
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    AT&T employee discount

    To anyone that may know the answer . . . My dad is an AT&T retiree. I am a college student, so I am still under his insurance. I know that employees / retirees don't get discount off of the actual phones, but they do off of monthly service plans (18.5%). Does anyone know if this will...