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  1. Bootlessjam

    Alternative to iPhone

    The Neo 1973 looks really sweet but I would like to get a phone that lets me make calls when I take it out of the box!:tounge: It looks like it could be a really good phone in the future though. The Parada is kinda a girls phone and it's not on the LG Australia site and I don't think it is...
  2. Bootlessjam

    Alternative to iPhone

    Hey guys I love the iPhone, in fact I like just about any Apple product. The problem is that I'm in Australia and really need a new phone, since my old LG U8120 no longer works like it should; the mic doesn't work, and half the keypad doesn't work. So I need a new phone that is available in...
  3. Bootlessjam

    What is so bad about this unrecessed jack design? (photoshop image)

    Honestly, I would give anything if my current phone HAD a standard headphone jack! I am forced to using headphones that came with the phone all the time now because my phone's mic doesn't work anymore. Apple love standards. If your headphones don't match the standards of the 3.5 mm jack, then...
  4. Bootlessjam

    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    If anyone has a problem with the software then tell Apple about it. If enough people want a feature or complain about a bug, it will get fixed in the next software update.
  5. Bootlessjam

    WiFi at mcdonalds

    That's pretty stupid how you can't pay at the counter to use the hotspot. I'm used to searching for networks on my PSP and often in town I can find a unsecured one amongst the 50 secured ones, at school I have access to the university-wide network, and at home I have my own as well as my...
  6. Bootlessjam

    Will it Blend - iPhone

    Man! and some people were worried that the screen would scratch easily!
  7. Bootlessjam

    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    Judging from what you all have said, it seems to me that only sounds that come from AT&T have a low volume. Maybe it's AT&T's fault? Apple could still fix it with a software update if you all write a complaint here.
  8. Bootlessjam

    iPhone to TV through composite cables (yellow,red,white) does not work

    I have no idea if it is possible or not but have you tried switching the different coloured cables around like you have to for the iPod?
  9. Bootlessjam

    the whole 9:41/42 conspiracy

    It is a very important time! it is when the iPhone was announced!
  10. Bootlessjam

    False Advertising

    Thankyou UnseenLlama. To me that speed is way faster compared to most people's "broadband" connections is here is Australia. I don't know what all you people are complaining about! To me is was very obvious that the iPhone was using WiFi in every demo to date. Steve even mentioned it was...
  11. Bootlessjam

    A thread for us sad little kiddies who won't be getting a phone on time. D=

    The iPhone won't be in Australia until 2008 so how do you guys think I feel!:angry: I probably will have enough money by then, the only money I ever get is from my family on my birthday and christmas. I would get a after school job if my dad let me. (He says I need to spend ALL my time...
  12. Bootlessjam

    SIM card?

    The iPhone DOES have a SIM tray. I would be very surprised if it was a completely different SIM card.
  13. Bootlessjam

    daylight/sunlight readable?

    I remember in a blog one person that had a hands on with the iPhone said the screen is very bright. It kinda depends on the weather too. on a winter's day I can see my phone's screen perfectly, while in summer I need to shade the screen. This isn't a problem with my iPod's screen when I'm...
  14. Bootlessjam

    False Advertising

    I have never used a EDGE network (When the iPhone comes to Australia I doubt it will even use EDGE though) I was just wondering, what is the actual speed of EDGE? my friend's "broadband" connection is "256Kbps" but the fastest he gets in real life in 35Kbs. My cable internet is "Unlimited"...
  15. Bootlessjam

    Pictures shown in Camera Roll taken iPhone Camera

    Yeah I am expecting a lot from this camera. The original iSight was actually a really good camera, not because of it's resolution but because it make a good picture (unlike most webcams which have the colour wrong, grainy pictures and poor exposure, much like most camera phones today!) I am...
  16. Bootlessjam

    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    16, male, student, So sad cos the iPhone won't be here in Australia until next year!:angry:
  17. Bootlessjam

    Pictures shown in Camera Roll taken iPhone Camera

    I wouldn't call her "hot", but the picture doesn't look to bad. I think the Italy trip pictures are just pretend models, they are used in every Apple picture program demo.
  18. Bootlessjam

    iPhone video at

    Man, why can't everything come with a video instruction manuel?!? I personally love the swipe to the right to delete and tap once with two fingers to zoom out.
  19. Bootlessjam

    Why is iPhone for you?

    About a month before the iPhone was announced I was looking for a new phone, all all the ones I looked at just didn't meet my expectations. They were either missing something; like bluetooth, or were completely ugly and the UI was terrible. I was really disappointed that there wasn't a phone...
  20. Bootlessjam

    My old phone seems to know....

    My phone (LG U8120) has really had it, half the buttons don't work, the mic is stuffed, the flip mechanism is stuffed so it flops, I really need a new phone but I can't wait until next year!