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    So, has anyone bricked their iPhone yet?

    With all the mods and stuff surfacing, I'm wondering if anyone has bricked their phones. How fool proof is the restore function in case something gets hosed? I'm assuming if you brick the phone, you're done but has anyone managed to do it yet?
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    Would the Apple store exchange my scratched phone?

    I've been very careful with my iPhone but it still managed to get scratches on the silver trim and there's a tiny pinhole scratch on the glass. Do you think they'd give me a new phone? If I wasn't happy with any other item I think most stores would allow an exchange, so what about Apple?
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    I don't think flash will ever come..

    Since all the youtube videos are being converted to h.264, does anyone else think that it's a sign that we'll never get flash support on the iPhone? I think flash opens up too many possibilities like streaming video, music, radio. All the things that Apple wants to charge us for in the future...
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    SIMple question-what protects the silver trim?

    There are so many skin reviews and threads here but i just need to know what products can i use to protect the silver parts of my iPhone. Forget the back and forget shock protection, i just want a thin film to protect the silver parts and the screen. What are my options?
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    Can't this phone stream a SIMple Wav file?

    geese, went to gmail today to check my vonage voice mail. Vonage emails me my voicemail as wave attachments. I click the attachment and QuickTime begins to load but can't play the file. It tried but acted like the file was zero in size. Displayed the play button and everything. Can't this phone...
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    Online videos? Which sites work with iPhone

    I know we don't have flash support yet, but do any streaming sites work with iPhone? What about internet radio?
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    Auto Brightness?

    How is this supposed to work? Does the phone detect the lighting conditions? What should the brightness slider be set to when auto brightness is enabled? Seems silly that the slider is even available with this setting enabled. Maybe I'm not understanding how it works.....