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  1. Bootlessjam

    Alternative to iPhone

    Hey guys I love the iPhone, in fact I like just about any Apple product. The problem is that I'm in Australia and really need a new phone, since my old LG U8120 no longer works like it should; the mic doesn't work, and half the keypad doesn't work. So I need a new phone that is available in...
  2. Bootlessjam

    iPhone on 02 and Vodafone in UK? and extra features?

    I don't know if anyone noticed or not but on There are a couple of pages showing the iPhone as comming soon to 02 and vodafone. See it! They don't have prices on there but you can pre-order. They even list the contents of the box and features. I don't know how reliable all...
  3. Bootlessjam

    iPhone countdown widget

    Hi everyone, after not having much luck finding a iPhone countdown widget for my dashboard, I decided to make my own. The countdown will automatically change the target date when new info is known about the release, currently, it will countdown to June 11th. It's complete with links to...