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    4.3.1 redsnow jailbreak, battery draining twice as fast

    I updated from 4.2 jailbrake right to 4.3.1 and my battery is draining crazy fast. Anyone else have this problem? I have made sure to delete my background apps but still having the same problem. I just downloaded backgrounder and set all apps to stop running when minimized so I'll see how that...
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    problem with iOS 4.0 on iPhone 4

    I have a iPhone4 and everytime I restore my phone from a back up, it won't put my apps back into their selected/labeled folders. Happened with my first iPhone 4 and now it happened with my brand new iPhone4 i got today. this sucks having to put them back in folders. again x4 now. anyone else...
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    AT&T outage in the south eastern US

    2 iPhone 4's and had no service for the last 1.5 hours. called AT&T and they said that there is a major outage. Anyone else have an iBrick because of this?
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    pictures won't go into landscape?

    Anyone else having this issue? Regardless of how I turn my iPhone, the accelerometer won't shift to landscape mode. I've done everything and not sure why?
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    Battery percentage inconsistent numbers

    One minute it'll show a certain percentage (usually low) and then 5 minutes later it'll show a different number? Anyone else having this issue. And ofcourse my battery life is horrible and I've followed every tip to gain life with no positive result.
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    Opinions on my battery screen shots

    Still having issues with my battery usuage. Restored 2 times already and set up as a new phone (not from back-ups) Location services off, bluetooth off, notifications off, auto brightness off and the brightness ball mark is at the "g" in the word brightness, no safari web pages running in the...
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    3GS compass and GPS direction won't work because of interference

    magnetic interference I guess from, say, steels, electric cables in my truck? WTF. Anyone else getting this error message? Both compass and maps give me this interference error message, Thankyou.
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    changed my background color under the settings/general/accessibility feature

    love the change but my battery is pink ? Why pink? anyway to change the battery color or any other colors without jailbreaking?
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    Need help, need to downgrade a V1 iPhone that has updated 3.0 back to 2.2.1 to unlock

    Bought this from a friend and was going to unlock it and give to my sister for t-mobile but my stupid friend updated the phone last night. I've unlocked may phones and still have the 2.2.1 quickpwn restore file (that has worked purfectly for restores in the past but it give me an errotrcode on...
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    Now my tethering disappered completely?

    Carrier is still unchanged AT&T 5.0. I haven't changed anything or even hooked it uo to a computer so wtf? Anyone else with this issue but tethering
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    Please help, need to know exactly what to tell AT&T inorder for MMS to work

    Had MMS working because they provisioned me with a moto razr. MMS worked great but they removed all my iPhone data/visual voicemail features. Nothing else worked on my iPhone! Called back and spent 45 minutes getting lectured by a senior tech that it's impossible to be provisioned for 2 phones...
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    Dropped my V2 yesterday and resulted to a white LCD screen

    Only 3 feet onto a tile floor and the screen didn't crack but had a white LCD screen that enabled my phone unusable! Had to return it back to Apple, luckly the manager had one in the back because they have been sold out for the last 4 days. I've dropoped my V1 many times harder/higher with no...
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    No edge on new phone whenever out of the 3G area :(

    Contacted AT&T and Apple and they have no idea? Anyone else experience this?
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    Another Battery issue!

    OK, so I was having an issue with a sucky battery on this new phone (getting only 4 hours of usage till the batery showed red) so I let my phone's battery die down pass 5%. I turned the phone off and let it charge all night (8 hours). When I woke up the battery still wasn't charged all the way...
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    How do I sync my contacts from my iPhone back to my outlook 2007?

    How do I sync my contacts from my iPhone back to my Outlook 2007? I have added some more contacts to my iPhone while on vacation away from my PC and want them added to my outlook. Is there away to do this or do I need to re-create them in my outlook on my PC?
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    what's the best way.....

    to delete the mail memory? I've looked into the settings but not sure which one to clear? I have sent or replied to some emails that are not stored as contacts and want them off my phones' memory? I have tried creating them as a contact and then deleting them but they are still there? Please...
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    having issues listening to iPod and using Safari at the same time

    the music cuts off and iPod closes but if I put the iPhone to sleep, the song still shows as it's playing? Any advice because this is happening on my 2 iPhones now!
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    Any other AT&T stores have their server crash while selling iPhones?

    I went to the Apple store and had 3 other friends at different AT&T stores and they all called me about the same time telling me that the AT&T stores server crashed and held up the sale of the iPhones? It took as long as 1 hour to get thing back up and running. This is in the Orlando area!