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  1. DigitalEndorphins Flash is coming to the iPhone! "If the iPhone’s Web browser is so good, why can’t it play video on Web sites I visit? At launch, the iPhone version of the Safari browser is missing some plug-ins needed for playing common types of Web videos. The most...
  2. DigitalEndorphins

    Can I back up my Phone Contacts onto my PC?

    I just got done entering all my numbers and would like to back them up onto my PC in case of emergency. Is this possible? If so, please explain.
  3. DigitalEndorphins

    Could not complete the iTunes store request. The store may be busy...

    I cant get iPhone to activate through iTunes. Everytime it goes to open up I get the following message: Could not complete the iTunes store request. The store may be busy...try again later. I can access the store just fine, but it won't open up the iPhone page. (and yes running 7.3) I've been...
  4. DigitalEndorphins

    Pretty cool...Google Map showing where to buy iPhone near you.

    nevermind... it appears this may not be accurate. link removed.
  5. DigitalEndorphins

    So after 300-500 charges we will need to replace battery?

    So after 300-500 charges the battery will need to be shipped out for replacement by Apple? If so, guess we better be vary careful in charging the battery only when needed. Perhaps evey other or third day.
  6. DigitalEndorphins

    So no fast is the connection on the iP?

    Just wondering how fast the wifi connection will be on the iPhone. 56k or faster?
  7. DigitalEndorphins

    Wow, my wife just gave me $300 towards my 8G iPhone!

    How cool is that?!:2cool: She asked me how much they were and I was hesitant to tell her, but she'd find out anyway so I told her and she said "okay, I want to pay for half of it as your b-day present ! My b-day is this month. Too cool.:smile:
  8. DigitalEndorphins

    New iPhone "Commercial" 6-19-07...

    by me, that is. :tounge: I am just too excited about this iPhone that I had to create my own commercial for it! I shot the beginning footage and added the 2nd half of footage from Apple's site to give it more of a "we are about to take over the mobile phone world" feel! :wink...