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  1. xoulo

    Speaker died, no sound coming from iPhone

    please anyone please help me. my speaker died everything works, the ringtones and such, but there are no clicks on keyboard, or through speaker while the music is on, i don't know if anyone else has the same issue, but please i need to know what happen to my iPhone i tried resetting it, restart...
  2. xoulo

    Apple online store

    hey guys, i just received my 100$ store credit, but when i try to buy something on Apple online. it wouldn't give me the option of using my store credit. only my mastercard or any other card provider, but no store credit. anyone else having this issue? or could you tell me where i click to use...
  3. xoulo

    i told you so

    now before when i walk around with my new iPhone, everybody called me a rich boy, or iPhone boy or whatever insults they can throw at you to make fun of you ( kidding of course) but not, since the price drop, i walk around and hear friends saying " I TOLD YOU SO". .. its kinda disappointing...
  4. xoulo

    cool device for your iPhone

    hey. im not trying scam or advertise anything, but today i ran into this product from a magazine its like an external battery device that allow you to charge your mp3, iPhone...
  5. xoulo

    iPhone lovers

    for those users who loved the iPhone, we should all leave our feedback and rate the iPhone on to be the best phone because im reading the comments people left, and the rating is really bad. 8 for staffs rating and 6.1 for consumers... we should rise against tell them how much we...
  6. xoulo


    hey there, this has not ever happened to me before, but yesterday when i plugged in my iPhone into the computer. everything is fine except one thing. my photo album is now duplicated so now it will have 2 folder one have a picture(album pic) of the first photo(total of 8) i have in the computer...
  7. xoulo

    podcast help

    i know im a nub at this, but could someone please tell me how to separate music from podcasts because i have some Podcast videos i can see if i go to videos, but on my music(song) list i chose shuffle and sometimes it will play the podcast in there, only sound but no videos your help would really...
  8. xoulo

    what AT&T/Apple shoulve done

    i just realized that its a complete load of crap since you bought the iPhone for $600 and you can only use your iPhone music player, and other functions as long as YOU still under contract of Att.. i mean. imagine you have this iPhone for years, and years from now how some you got sick of all...
  9. xoulo

    FAKE iPhone

    OMG its looks soo bad. damn people who made these fake phones.. i smell lawsuits oh. also for the scratch and drop stress on your iPhone. check out this link im not spaming people. but the second link is for those who afraid of droping their iPhone or scratch it
  10. xoulo

    read this link. its funny

    okay, im sorry if it does not have anything to do with the iPhone, but i ran into this website today, and look at all the fake items from hand held consoles , car and even disneyland. read it.. look at all the fake stuffs the japanese and...
  11. xoulo

    OMG I'm So Pissed Off

    okay, i was at work today and i noticed that my bill was a lil more than i expected.. so then i made the biggest mistake of my life by calling ATT first off. it was like almost 5 mins until i got a hang of a customer rep. the first rep didn't allow me to step any deeper into my account because...
  12. xoulo

    Questions on DVD to hardrive

    hey there, i bought some jackass dvd and family dvds a while back, is it possible for me to get it onto the iPhone to carry it around me i use DVD decryter. but is this legal? or better yet, after it is decrypted do i have to convert it to MPEG4? to put into iPhone. or if anyone could tell me...
  13. xoulo

    vertical or horizontal

    when searching or browsing the web ,what do u guys prefer, putting your phone sideways or up straight, because i found it easier to do it sideway because texting os easier
  14. xoulo

    iPhone fees

    hey there, i activated my phone with the lowest fee of $59.99 and the fee of $ 36 for activation, but then when i enter *225# i got a message of my current fee os $113.06 can anyone explain why did it cost that much? because i wouldn't be able to take a look at it until the bill come home...
  15. xoulo

    iPhone password lock

    does it happen to you when you leave your iPhone there for a minute, and come back only to find out that somebody has been touching your phone(my cousin) and he didn't know th password so i tried many times and faild but then it lock me out for 15 mins. or if i miss more it would be more time...
  16. xoulo

    Zooming in Google Maps kicks me out to home screen

    I've got my iPhone model MA712 8Gb. My only problem on the iPhone is that sometimes when I'm zooming in on a location on the Google Map, it would kick me out to the main menu without any warnings. It rarely happens, when i use the browser, but it does occur. Does this happen to anyone but me?:(