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  1. ciaran00

    Clear Agent18 iPhone Case

    IMHO, like all clear cases the clear one is going to show a bunch of scratches few weeks down the line. This is why the opaque black one kicks ass.
  2. ciaran00

    My iPhone can digitally zoom!

    Nice! .
  3. ciaran00 is now

    Why not just move it to ? n/m it's taken
  4. ciaran00

    Unstable 1.1.1 update and

    Disable dim wallpaper on summerboard. Might not solve your problem. Ringtones:
  5. ciaran00

    YouTube inactive now..?

    Maybe this has something to do with it? YouTube will be undergoing scheduled maintenance starting around 10:00 pm PDT. Been noticing sporadic performance on edge all day. Wifi works fine though. Seems fishy.
  6. ciaran00

    Jailbreak 100 Auto, via THE WEB

    Not after you use this, since it patches the vulnerability. So like the man said. Don't be afraid.
  7. ciaran00

    Upgrade to 1.1.1 and phone is acting weird...

    Guys just turn the "dim wallpaper" option off. Stability, voila
  8. ciaran00

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Can I get your icons?
  9. ciaran00

    YouTube plays upside down on iPhone!

    Not to mention, the speaker is on the bottom left, so when watching a video your hand may automatically cover it. I know it does this when I play NES...
  10. ciaran00

    conversion app

    Until this app comes by you know you can use google to convert stuff? Like type in "5 km in miles"
  11. ciaran00

    Problem with Send Song app

    No you didn't piss anyone off either. I get this too! Use sendfile for now!
  12. ciaran00

    Why are we trying to jailbreak 1.1.1?

    Plus there's a new third party springboard enhancement for "multiple" pages in 1.1.1, too!
  13. ciaran00

    How Do I Use Mobile Colloquy Irc ?

    Welcome to the social :)
  14. ciaran00

    bad photo optimization

    How small or large are the originals? Both will cause problems. Small photos will take up more space in the iPhone than on your computer. Large images will be shrunk down and won't retain their quality that you might be used to on the comp...
  15. ciaran00

    Photos Are Upside Down AHHHHH

    Guys, just get rid of the EXIF tag that rotates the image and rotate it yourself properly. I suggest a JPEG lossless rotate since it won't degrade your image. For some weird reason the iPhone obeys the EXIF tag in the camera roll but not in any other album... I'm on Windows and use this...
  16. ciaran00

    The Power of the iPhone (Funny Video)

    Whoa. Didn't think that was funny...
  17. ciaran00

    new iPhone commercials

    Aren't you the car chop shop guy with the tattoos? :tounge: Seriously though these ads suck. It just shows that iPhone's being used by idiots.
  18. ciaran00

    My take on Hacking

  19. ciaran00

    My take on Hacking

    You obviously don't understand what hacking is. Thanks for sharing your ignorant (and inflammatory) opinion. In terms you would understand, in exactly the same way that you have a right to speak your mind, we have a right to hack whatever the damn hell we pay our hard earned bucks to buy. It...
  20. ciaran00

    ok. does anyone have this problem caused by 1.1.1?

    Just my two cents. I love modding the crap out of my iPhone, but PLEASE DON'T CONVERT A THREAD INTO A MODDING ONE, UNLESS IT HAS A PLACE. So help the guy out please if you can. Stop taunting him about hacks.