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    Another article on why you shouldn't buy the iPhone

    Jesus, who killed all HIS puppies? What a CRANK. He was able to download a HARDBALL Podcast? Man, Life must be REAL FUN for this guy.. right wing Eyore :)
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    They Have Arrived!

    Looks like YOU SCORED, eh? Man, I get to watch everyone else score all day before I get to head on over to where the Kahunas tell me where to stand :) Good for you, thanks for the box info too folks, they're sloppy here, I'll see the boxes behind them or something and be able to tell if I'm IN...
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    I'm getting THE FEAR, that I won't Score one today. How will we cope?

    It's 4am here in Maui, ain't no one in line here now.. the Mall doesn't open until 10 pm, and the AT&T store's probably got the same starting time. I know there ain't no lines yet, things move real slow here, that's why it could get interesting when it goes down.. No one stands in line here :)
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    They Have Arrived!

    Where are you at, what part of the country, and how are you reporting this if you are in line somewhere? :) I'm in Maui, I haven't even been to bed yet tonight, let alone head over to a line somewhere.. now I can't SLEEP, you've got me too excited! Love this! What a day this will be :) Thanks!
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    How My iPhone Saved my Wife's Life

    I'm afraid that if I don't score with my Hunter Gatherer skills and get this iPhone today, that I will never see the wifey's boobies again.. :) Thanks for reminding me, of what's really important in life.. boobies and a safe wife who checks on the kids, and gives you quality boobie time :)...
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    I'm getting THE FEAR, that I won't Score one today. How will we cope?

    I'm getting THE FEAR now, I want one of these SO BAD.. I've never got caught up in rollouts before, never been a guy that would stand in line for anything, yet I'm totally captivated by this Phone! I'm basically passing on a family reunion to score one of these instead of flying to a boring...
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    "Finger Tips" Added to iPhone Page on Apple

    My wife remarked today that there's NOTHING BUT iPhone at now.. gotta be one of the biggest rollouts in Apple history. Reminds me of the British Invasion of the 60's - the biggest thing since the Beatles showed up, sure it's an old reference, but hey, it was a FUN TIME :) Thanks...
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    I'm not leaving until they give me an iPhone, and TODAY. :) Guess you could go out in the parking lot and wave $700 around (for an 8gig), see if anyone bites.. One of the guys at the Cingular Kiosk here in Maui said that he's got some on the way, how he did it I have no idea, thought you...
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    Accessories on Apple site with prices

    I'm thinking that someone might make a LOT of money if they come up with devices to make the iPhone experience more fun. Like a clip that you can use on your dashboard so that you can "watch" a tv show while you cruise in the car.. dumb Idea I know, but some folks have tv screens in their cars...
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    20+ campers already

    I'm in Maui, and I'm starting to get THE FEAR.. worried that they'll just send 10 for the whole Island, that leaves only FIVE that are 8 Gigs, and some of the rich folks here are liable to PAY people to stand in line.. What if I DON'T get one? Man, that's gonna ruin my whole day. I don't want...
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    iDay is here

    I'll be basking in the sun here in Hawaii.. sheesh, sure couldn't pick a better spot to wait for the coolest thing since the Beatles started the Brit Invasion in the 60's.. It will be trippy to see people walking around everywhere with these things.. Sci Fi has just become Reality, and now...
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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    Oh THAT.. I heard they're going to come out of the store and grab the folks at the END of the line and let them in first. Actually, if they were more cool about it, they should ask the people in line if they are ALREADY AT&T Customers and let THEM form a line first. Sorry, I know that...
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    RUMORS 500 per store

    I don't know HOW they're going to handle it in Hawaii.. I'm on one of the outer Islands, and it's very loose here. We've got one AT&T store and a Kiosk in a mall that's a Cingular biz. I've been able to get them to admit they're getting about 100 or 150 phones, but I find that to be too big a...
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    I don't know if it's been discussed, there are 39 pages to wade through of great info here, and I'm on Hawaii time, just enough time to get to bed, and get up to stand in line.. so here's my question: I've got AT&T now as a provider, but I have two Razors.. I want to score an iPhone today...