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  1. danielfillmore

    Annoying message problem - please help

    I keep getting this pop up message that says "this accessory is not made to work with iPhone. would you like to turn on airplane mode?" i have no idea what accessory it is talking about and why it is doing it. it's extremely annoying and i don't know how to make it stop. it started shortly after...
  2. danielfillmore

    2.0 vs. 3G question

    what all will iPhone 3g have that the 2.0 update will not? thanks
  3. danielfillmore

    Purchased a tone with bell next to it, bell doesn't appear in my library?

    i am making a ringtone for the first time. i purchased a song with a bell next to it, but in my library it does not have a bell. why is this and what can i do about it? thanks.
  4. danielfillmore

    song in nano commercial?

    whats the song/artist in the ipod nano commercial? "1,2,3,4 tell me that you love me more. . . ." thanks
  5. danielfillmore

    unwanted incoming texts count on plan?

    previously i was to understand (but never officially looked into it) that if you received a text, but didn't open it, it didn't count against your text balance. now with iPhone, service is different, where you don't have the option whether or not to open an incoming text. (right?) so my question...
  6. danielfillmore

    Ufc 75

    is on in 37 minutes! who is watching?!?! it's free on spike tv! one of the best cards i've ever seen and it's free! jackson/henderson - bisping/hammil - kongo/crocop. tune in and turn it up!
  7. danielfillmore

    need help with Gmail setup

    i just created a gmail account and am trying to set it up through iPhone. i enter in my info, then it says "cannot connect using ssl. do you want to try setting up the account without ssl?" i choose yes, then it tries again and after a while it says "gmail account verification failed. the POP...
  8. danielfillmore

    anyone using the igrip?

    searched but couldn't find. anyone using the igrip cigarette lighter mount? if so, what do you think of it? is the bottom open to incorporate a car charger? thanks
  9. danielfillmore

    I HAVE AN iPhone!

    I just got back from the Apple store, bought an iPhone! $399. Finally, I have one! so happy I waited!
  10. danielfillmore

    other in your pocket web solutions?

    so, i know iPhone is the best device out there for handheld web browsing, but i wa wondering what other devices/services out there are comparable for in-your-pocket web browsing?
  11. danielfillmore

    What should i buy with the iPhone?

    so i'm planning on getting the phone soon and would like some suggestions on any accessories/peripherals i will need/want right away. what did you buy on day one and what will i want to buy? thanks
  12. danielfillmore

    Yahoo instead of Outlook for sync

    has anyone used yahoo to import their contact into the iPhone rather than outlook. was it easy? this is how i plan on doing it since i am trying to avoid using outlook.
  13. danielfillmore

    What's happening with the returns?

    so does anybody know/or have an idea whats happening to all these faulty iPhones that people are returning? i'm assuming they will be sent back to Apple to be fixed, and sold as refurbished. any thoughts on this?
  14. danielfillmore

    Using Yahoo to import contacts

    how do you use yahoo to import your contacts? do you have to go through outlook, or can you just do it directly from yahoo to the phone? im just trying to figure out which will be the easiest way for me to get all my #'s into the phone, and I am having trouble setting up outlook. my main email...
  15. danielfillmore

    putting all your #'s on iPhone

    is outlook the only way to put all your phone #'s onto iPhone besides manually entering all them in (which would suck)
  16. danielfillmore

    Outlook question

    hey guys i am setting up outlook and it is asking me if my incoming mail server is pop3, imap, or http. and also what my outgoing mail server is. i use msn hotmail, and i don't know what to put, so if someone could please help me that wopuld be awesome. thanks
  17. danielfillmore

    iTunes question please help thanks!

    in iTunes on the cpu, is there a way to remove all songs from your library? i imported every song from my cpu but don't want a lot of it on iTunes, so instead of manually deleting all the stuff i don't want (would take forever!) is there a way to just completely remove everything so i can start...
  18. danielfillmore

    multiple duplicate album covers?

    as i flip through cover flow in iTunes on my cpu, i notice that i have several duplicate album covers for certain artists. why is this and what can i do about it? shouldnt there only be one album cover per album?
  19. danielfillmore

    removing all songs from iTunes HELP

    hello, i am a new iTunes user and just imported all the songs from my cpu into iTunes. things are all mixed up and stuff and i want to start over. is there a way i can remove all songs from iTunes? then i can import in only what i want. thanks
  20. danielfillmore

    4gb or wait for the 8gb?

    so i almost have enough money saved up to afford the 4gb model, but i really had my mind set on the 8. i'm not sure i'll ever use 8 (i never even filled up my 2gb mp3 player) but i've always told myself if i'm already spending $500 on the 4gb model, I may as well just go ahead and get the 8 just...