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  1. Madlockz

    Substitute For Otterbox

    I just got my 6Plus last week and I need a case. I'm in construction so I need a nice secure case like the Otterbox Defender case. Otterbox only has the gray and white version available I had that case on my iPhone 5. Is there another case out there that can give me the security that I need...
  2. Madlockz

    MacBook Pro Decisions, decisions

    I wrote a post a while back about me getting my first Mac on weather I should get the reg or the retina , and the end result was that I was gonna get the retina & i was so amped but I have people in my family who have MacBook Pros and they are telling me to get the regular MBP. There reasons are...
  3. Madlockz

    Thinking about Jailbreaking

    I jailbroke my 4s and it was great but now that there's a new jailbreak for IOS6 I'm contemplating jailbreaking my 5. But there are a couple if things. 1: Is it worth it ? 2 : I'm about to get a Mac so should I wait until I get it to jailbreak ( Is there a difference between a windows or Mac...
  4. Madlockz

    No sound from Facebook or Instagram notifications

    I not sure if its the phone or what but I don't get a sound notification for Facebook or Instagram. Anyone knows any tips that could help Sent using iCafe app
  5. Madlockz

    MacBook Pro Goin All out !

    Well I'm on my second iPhone , from the 4s to the 5 and now I wanna go all out. I have a P.C right now and I'm bout to get a MacBook Pro.So here's the thing. I have some people telling me that I could go to the Apple website and buy a refurbished Mac Pro 15 inch or 17 and I have others telling...
  6. Madlockz

    Putting music on iPhone 5

    This is not my first iPhone but I was always under the impression that iPhones where a different baby from iPods when it comes to installing music. As far as I knew iPhones ran on a syncing system and the iPods are just pull and drop. My girlfriend has the 5 also and wants music on her phone...
  7. Madlockz

    Made that switch

    I switched from a 4s with sprint to a 5 with AT&T. And I must say I am totally satisfied. Although I am curious about how the 5 is holding up with sprint .