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  1. PhatKid

    New Books Application

    Check out the new It's an application that runs directly from your iPhone and lets you view eBooks. It just reads HTML and text files of your books that you've downloaded. Hopefully they wont mind me posting this, but check out the thread...
  2. PhatKid

    Conving Others To Buy

    Convincing Others To Buy I was wondering if anyone has convinced any of their friends to buy an iPhone whether purposefully or indirectly. I have a friend or two that are seriously considering buying the phone when they were initially skeptical.
  3. PhatKid

    iPhone Discrimination

    Does anyone else go through the same, "Oh look at big money with the iPhone" situation? I Actually think it's funny, but at the same time it's annoying. I'm anything but rich, but I know how to save. In fact I've been saving since January when the I watched the Keynote address. I get a lot of...