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  1. ciaran00

    How to make your own ringtones, like in iTunes

    Is there an app out there that will let me pick a sample window of an mp3 and then add fade-in and fade-out like iTunes does? Can we use that iTunes functionality on our own ringtones? Thx!
  2. ciaran00

    iPhone Unlock legality

    So before I begin, I'd like to spare all Apple apologists from having to reply. I'll just summarize all the pro-Apple points here so that they need not be repeated: Apple has explicitly said that the Phone is to be used with AT&T and that anything else is outside the fair/intended use of the...
  3. ciaran00

    Settings -> Phone -> AT&T Settings

    Folks, How do we start changing the name of this submenu as well as its contents? Wanna switch it over to my carrier now... Thx!
  4. ciaran00

    WinSCP sucks. Anyone have an alternate?

    This app has constant disconnects and often cuts out with no remedy but app restart. Anyone else know of a good SCP client?
  5. ciaran00

    What the hell is with bookmark sync

    Damn thing does not sync back from iPhone to IE, and having it ticked without the wipe-out-iphone tickbox can wipe out your iPhone bookmarks in favour of computer ones. Also, iTunes backup does not save YouTube bookmarks. And... not more than one backup in sync history. Thank you Apple.
  6. ciaran00

    YouTube integration lost!

    Guys, Not sure what it was that I installed (maybe nothing) but I can no longer get Safari to auto-jump to YouTube anymore. IE: If you open a type link it should normally just jump to the YouTube widget and open the video. No more :) It opens in Safari, complete...
  7. ciaran00

    DisplayOrder.plist corrupted?

    DisplayOrder.plist corrupted? So I was looking around in WinSCP and found DisplayOrder.plist. I haven't touched the file, but it looks like junk: It's 738 bytes. Downloading the "default" one from here: shows me that this file...
  8. ciaran00

    How to change the name of an application?

    How do I change "VRecord" to "Recorder", for example? Thx
  9. ciaran00

    iPhone / Skype

    Check this out... Reading through it now... Calls over Wifi possibly? Not sure! Need to read!
  10. ciaran00

    WiFi @ home. Wish we could do this.

    Check this out... phone uses wifi when you're at home. iPhone of course has the capability, which makes it all the more tragic :)
  11. ciaran00

    Booting iPhone...

    Anyone else have jailbreak stuck here? I've already extracted 1.1 FW to phonedmg dir. Damn it.