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  1. DiscoJoey

    NES is now totaly perfectly playable! (on the iPhone of corse)

    0.58 just come out and multi touch is working like a charm thanks to nervegas! If you havnt checked it out you MUST! and if you have tried NES out and hated it because it was so unplayable you also much check it out!
  2. DiscoJoey

    Hey Apple, are you listening? Web apps suck! Ever wish you could benchmark your iPhone? The clever folks at have done the work for you and managed to give the iPhone a run for its money. So what exactly did the test entail? The benchmark was run on both a Core Duo iMac and an...
  3. DiscoJoey

    Lights Off! [sweet third party game] i have it and its pretty freaking sweet! im glad to see people coding games.
  4. DiscoJoey

    Doom on the iPhone!

    yes Doom is on the iPhone! it doesn't have any controls yet, but soon we hopefully will all be playing.
  5. DiscoJoey

    Copy and Paste demo (sweet video inside)

    ok i lied the video isn't in the thread, but it is in the link below :) Ok, we can officially and finally put this debate to rest: yes, Apple really could use its multi-touch input system to enable users to...
  6. DiscoJoey

    NES FOR THE iPhone! (yes a real 3rd party app)

    if you havnt tried out .58 you MUST try it out! the multi touch is unreal! Official site here: ********Landscape & Portrait mode! LASTEST NES BUILD 0.58******** I try to keep this link updated with the latest NES build. Screensot of landscape mode: Build...
  7. DiscoJoey

    Coolest and weridest places on the earth! (using Google maps)

    I made this contact because i just added all these cool places as pin points on my iPhone and then i updated and they all got erased. So add this vcard to your address book, it has 12 of my personal favorite spots. i got most of them from...
  8. DiscoJoey

    does your iPhone backup Google map points you save?

    does your iPhone/computer backup the google map points you save? like if you restore your iPhone will it restore all the points you saved like it does with text messages and everything else? im wondering because i just made a much a really cool ones spots like crop circles and stuff and i was...
  9. DiscoJoey

    Email yourself current site on iPhone using bookmarklets?

    how would i get a bookmarklet to send me the link of the current web page im viewing on my iPhone?
  10. DiscoJoey

    weirdest iPhone bug, random text all the way down my locked screen (i took pictures)

    well this was very strange, i just looked down at my iPhone and there was random text all down the screen. i have NO idea how this happened, and i wasn't played music because as u can see the date is there. has this happened to anyone else? as soon as i unlocked it the text went away. but it...
  11. DiscoJoey

    zelda on the iPhone!

    id KILL for zelda on the iPhone, does anyone know if anyone is planning on making one? or has already started hehe? because so far there arent any real fun games out there.
  12. DiscoJoey

    how are pictures added?

    i just added a folder with 350 pictures that totaled to under 10mb. i have 196mb of free space. i go to iTunes and add this one album (that was only 10mb before i added it to iphoto) and when i sync it says that the pictures could not be synced because there is no free space. so i then uncheck...
  13. DiscoJoey

    man im bored! sundays at work are boring!

    keep checking hoping for new iPhone news. hoping that some genius hacker has made a 3rd party ichat app for the iPhone! so what are you guys doing?
  14. DiscoJoey

    drag and drop program for os x!

    when are we going to get a drag and drop program for the iPhone on os x. i just saw that the windows people already have one.
  15. DiscoJoey

    a wire to hold your iPhone up on the table (and you could swivel the iPhone 90º)

    i just thought of something that would be SO cool. if there was like some wire stand that would some how hold your iPhone, and still connect over USB some way and have an audio in so we can hook it up to speakers. and we could have it sideways. because i aways want to use coverflow while its on...
  16. DiscoJoey

    how long until sNES on the iPhone?

    thats all i wanna know? lol
  17. DiscoJoey

    Do you use a case?

    do you use a case? ive been using the incase but i think im gonna try going naked.
  18. DiscoJoey

    question about password on my router (kinda iPhone related)

    well ive always had WEP on my router so people cant steal my internet. but since i got my iPhone every now and then it will randomly ask me to type in the password. since its wep its like 20 random numbers and letters. i was wondering how do i put a password on my router thats a simple word like...
  19. DiscoJoey

    "getfile" command in jailbreak?

    i finally got the Apple logo perfectly centered just the way i like it and some how after i put it on my iPhone i delete the files. ya i know, stupid me. but i really want to get the file off my phone as i can post it here and have a backup for once the iPhone is updated. i tried using...
  20. DiscoJoey

    gr this makes me mad

    the InCase rubber case i got for my iPhone on the 29th SUCKS! it looked great in the store, and for the first few days it worked great. But now it stretches out in the top and bottom and loads of crap gets in the back of the case. I have to clean it out every other day. I payed $30 for this...