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  1. MoJoe

    Marware MicroShell Case & SGP Ultra Clear Protectors much cheaper!

    Marware Cases & SGP Ultra Clear Protectors much cheaper! I had pre-ordered the Marware Microshell for my iPad 2 which lists for $39.99 on the Marware website. I recently found it for much cheaper at Adorama Camera which has it for $19.99 with free super saver shipping or 3-5 day shipping for...
  2. MoJoe

    Do you leave wi-fi on always?

    Just wondering how many of you leave your wi-fi on 24/7? Also wondering if this can impact battery life in a positive way?
  3. MoJoe

    Multi-tasking = Battery Drain?

    Ok, this may be a dumb question but here goes. I have been having battery issues with my iPhone 4, purchased it day one & noticed the battery draining faster than my 3GS. I would get probably about 6hrs use from a full charge. When I double-clicked the home button I noticed a ton of apps...
  4. MoJoe

    50% & 30% off ZAGG codes, first two get em!

    Hey all, not a huge deal, but I've got a 50% & 30% off ZAGG codes. If anyone wants to get a Zagg Invisible Shield for their iPad. The first two replies gets them!
  5. MoJoe

    Dead/Stuck Pixels? (not to be read by the OCD)

    Sorry, have to ask, how's the QC on the dead/stuck pixels on the 3g screens? Joe
  6. MoJoe

    Last 50% of Battery goes quicker?

    Hey all, Quick question to everyone. Do you find that the last 50% of the battery seem to discharge much quicker than the first 50%? It seems for me I can put a good solid 4hrs into the first 50%, and then from there with another solid hour of use I'll be down to prob the 20% mark. Is...
  7. MoJoe

    iSkin Revo Seams Splitting!

    Hey all, I thought I'd start a new thread in case this got lost in the other Revo thread. I got my new iSkin Revo on Friday, had it on for that night and Saturday. I went to take the skin off and clean it up a bit today, upon putting it back on (and I was gentle), I noticed that the seam above...
  8. MoJoe

    Resetting bookmarks to re-sync?

    Hey all, I've had the iPhone since launch and noticed that my newly upgraded 8gigger seemed to synch once with my PC IE bookmarks and hasn't done it since that first time. I'm frustrated because I just sorted out all my bookmarks for the past hour and wanted to synch them up, but it's only...
  9. MoJoe

    Exchange Re-Stocking Policy?

    Hey all, Got my iPhone and noticed i had like a grey/white stuck pixel around the bottom middle of my screen. I read up on the exchange policy and it had stated they will charge a 10% re-stocking fee. Anyone else have any pixel probs and did you get an exchange without paying the...
  10. MoJoe

    iPhone Anxiety

    .. it's those butterflies in your stomach, glazed-over vision, shallow breathing.. just thinking, wondering, obsessing of how many people may be in line before you.. not knowing if you'll be stuck with one model or the other if they run out, contemplating an 8-12 hr bathroomless wait to possibly...