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  1. slipperypete

    No 3G for me....

    Same here. 5+ hours at Apple and I left with no phone. Kept getting the dreaded "iru" error and At&T didn't know how to fix it. Best of all, At&T charged my account the $18 upgrade fee (even though I didn't get the phone) and when I left the store I look down at my current iPhone to see "no...
  2. slipperypete

    MobileMe. Now available.

    I was thinking the same
  3. slipperypete

    MobileMe not ready yet!

    Looks like Apple cra**ed the bed (So Far) with this release....
  4. slipperypete

    line up times?`

    300th in line? Your kidding right? There wasn't even 300 people in line for iPhone last year. I'll probably be #15 or so
  5. slipperypete

    line up times?`

    I'll leave my house at 6:30
  6. slipperypete

    MobileMe: startup date is July 9th at 6:00 PM.

    Actually, just found this on the Apple website.... Interesting part: What will I need for my iPhone or iPod touch to use MobileMe? You will need to update to software version 2.0 or later to enable push mail, push contacts, push calendar, and push...
  7. slipperypete

    MobileMe: startup date is July 9th at 6:00 PM.

    Saw that this morning when I logged into my .mac account. Wonder if 2.0 will launch with it?
  8. slipperypete

    So WHEN IS the 2.0 Update Out?

    mobileme will launch tomorrow.... I logged into my .mac account this morning and saw this message: "MobileMe Launch 7/9/2008, 6pm-12am PT As part of the MobileMe launch, will be taken offline at 6pm PT on Wednesday, July 9th. Members will be unable to access or any...
  9. slipperypete

    Who can come up with the most creative rumor?

    Rumor is with the purchase of every v2 iPhone you will get a free 10 piece steak knife set and get to meet Billy Mays!
  10. slipperypete

    Are you excited for Monday? Tell us why.

    Can't wait for tomorrow. 2.0 and all that will come with it....and of course the new iPhone!
  11. slipperypete

    I have to toot my own horn, just a little...

    WOW, great battery life. I am on my 4th iPhone for battery life and no way near those numbers. I might get 5 hours of usage time and 17 hours standby
  12. slipperypete

    So is it safe to say..

    I am guessing they both hit same day
  13. slipperypete

    Thing that Apple should change for next iPhone

    3g and MMS and I would be happy
  14. slipperypete

    Some info on iPhone 2.0?

    That would be great news
  15. slipperypete

    iPhone 2.0 update wishlist

    Same here......
  16. slipperypete

    My usage time is running always?

    Had it set up for IMAP, no push....
  17. slipperypete

    My usage time is running always?

    I have a GMAIL account and i need to manually check to get my "push"
  18. slipperypete

    Short battery life since 1.1.3?

    On my 3rd iPhone for battery life. Local Apple store has been great, they have replaced it each time no questions asked. When I went in the store today I had 4 hours usage time and 11 hours standby with less then 50% battery left. Apple store "Genius" was like "yeah that doesn't seem right, I'll...
  19. slipperypete

    Short battery life since 1.1.3?

    2 days? Damn would i wouldn't give for that. I might get 4 hours usage and 18 hours stand by before having to charge. I have to charge every night, if not I wake in the morning with a completely drained iPhone
  20. slipperypete

    Short battery life since 1.1.3?

    I have had to charge my phone every day since I got it and I am on my 3rd phone for battery life